Sunday 22 September 2013

Toys that make ya go Woooooooo!

That’s what I like!
I bought this guy and Mr Sinister together from a pal online and interestingly this guy was an add on.  I didn’t care for him and only added him on to make the postage more worthwhile.  Mr Sinister was at the top of my list. 

Yet when I got them out of the box, he was the first one that I played with.  Best of all, I felt the need to do this:
Proffessor X
Things are looking good!

Thus I bring us to the review for Toy Biz, Professor Xavier from the Marvel Legends.

Professor X is the wheelchair bound leader of the X-Men and I wasn’t really sure I was going to like this toy.  But I have to admit, I was pretty impressed.  For a start, he comes with a wheelchair.  Now logically, one would think that then the company making said wheelchair bound character would skimp on the body.  After all, he spends most of his time in the wheelchair, so he doesn’t need leg articulation right?

In the case of this Professor X, I am glad to say that THEY said “NO!  Xavier needs a FULLY articulated body!!!”  When I say fully, I mean fully!  I kid you not when I say that Professor X has MORE articulation than Mr Sinister!

Believe it or not.

Proffessor XProffessor XProffessor X

I love it, it’s just a guy in a suit, he doesn’t even have hair, but check out that wheelchair.  Could this well  be the best toy wheelchair?

He looks pretty good in the wheelchair when surrounded by other characters from various lines and the details on him are pretty good.  Well they should be as there’s no crazily designed costume here, just a dude in a nice suit.  He doesn’t even have hair, which kind of makes him rather plain and that was what made me apprehensive about getting him in the first place.  However, the most important aspect of his features, his eyebrows are there and looking pretty good too.  Also check out the tie paintwork as well, I notice that his suit doesn’t have much in the way of paint but the plastic colouring does a very good job.

Proffessor XProffessor X

Accessory wise he comes with the helmet of Cerebro and that’s nicely sculpted and looks cheesy enough to look jut like Cerebro!  Putting the helmet on him and making him do a signature Xavier pose opens your eyes to  one special point of articulation.  One of many.  His hands.

Proffessor XProffessor XProffessor X

You can plainly see the amount of joints in his arms, bicep and wrist swivels, double jointed elbows, hinges at the wrists as well as at the base of the fingers.  The shoulders looks a bit odd as the suite jacket over the chest is a separate piece of pliable plastic over his torso.

Of course, this all makes the Prof very emotive.

Oh look at me, I can't beat the Fantastic 4, Wa wa waaaaaaProffessor XProffessor XFu fu fu! Nice kitty! fu fu fu

I love it!  As you have probably guessed, even his legs are really well jointed!  Double jointed knees, ball hip, ankle rockers and hinges as well as a swivel mid calf.  Oh and toe joints as well.  But let’s not forget about his waist swivel either.  Really the only joint he is missing would be an abdominal hinge… Sheesh.

Proffessor XSo let’s get him out of the chair.  The chair itself is a bit plain, but hey, it’s there to wheel Chuck around in.  It has some convenient pegs in the back that plug into holes in his back to gold him as well as ones pegs for each foot on the foot rest.  The foot rest plastic is soft, which is good as you need to do a bit of waggling to get his feet in. Having said that it’s plain, it does sport a fairly modern office chair look and padding to it.

It’s a pretty cool accessory all up and I think it would be a better choice than the orange floating one he often kicked around in when I read the comics and used in the cameos he made for the X-Men, Children of the Atom game.

Below you can spot some of the nice details on his suit.  It’s very cool and you can see how his hands are sculpted.  Let’s face it, holding a weapon or a fist just would be wrong for Charles.
Proffessor XProffessor X

So you can see all the joints, let’s have him put them to good use!

Proffessor XProffessor XProffessor XSo long CHUCK!

Woo! That was fun!  According to a Marvel wiki, Charles Xavier here is supposed to be six feet tall.  Just like everybody else it would seem.  I must admit that sure they are all super heroes and all, but does EVERYBODY have to be six feet or more tall?  Well, ignoring Wolverine I guess…  Um, so with that in mind, I nabbed some other Marvel figs I have kicking about the place and stood them all together.  Scale wise he seems to fit well, even with some from Toy Biz and others from Hasbro.

Proffessor X
I think Wolverine is a bit tall there…and Dr Doom is probably a bit small.  Steve Rogers (standing behind Wolvey) was taller, but the photo makes him look small.  I should go about gathering some X-men for him.  I need a Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean methinks!

So I thought I’d slap him next to a family member.

hurr hurr hurr…

Proffessor XProffessor X

One thing I really like about this toy, for some reason are his shoes.  Not only does he have a toe joint, they are sculpted really nicely.  I guess it’s because they looks like real shoes!
Proffessor X

Strange, I know but I do like a nice pair of shoes.

What I really like about this toy is that it has surprised me so much!  Originally I thought it was just going to be a crappy figure with basic arm articulation stuck in a wheelchair and no sign of an exciting costume in sight, but discovering that there is an excellently articulated little dude in a pretty sharp suit with a bonus chair has just had me all excited and enjoying this figure much more than I thought I would.

You may have noticed the different background, as I have been experimenting with a mini studio at home.  So far I have been hindered by unsatisfactory lighting, but whingeing aside, it has let me the opportunity for just messing about with Professor X after the shoot a lot at home as well.  I have been enjoying it a lot too with him just sitting in his chair whizzing by as need be, it’s been a lot of fun.  Not only can he pull of a “To me, my X-Men” serious the world’s in trouble pose, he can also do stuff like this:

Proffessor X
Wheeee!  Off to fight Magneto!

Whoops. Almost forgot my super helmet!!
Proffessor X

So adaptable, so brilliant.  I am really very glad I decided to nab this guy just for the hell of it because he has made my week!

Thanks Sharky!

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