Friday 31 December 2010

Cybertronian Ratchet Vs. Ratchet WHAAAAT?!???!!!

The Transformers cartoon of Animated was my second favourite cartoon series of Transformers.  While watching this amazing show, I really came to like the depiction of Ratchet in the series.  Part medical officer, part technician, all grumpy old man.  His normal Earth mode deluxe toy is a corker as well, which led me to bother getting the Japanese version.  Then his Cybertronian mode was made into plastic too.  Well since a lot of Ratchet’s story is composed on Cybertron and the cartoon featured it well, I decided that the Cybertron mode needs both versions too!

Thursday 30 December 2010

Predators of the night.

Last night I was out for a walk in the fresh evening air, having taken my camera for some night shooting of the neighbourhood when I spied a strange and mystical object through the lens.  Wooooooo.  What manner of beasty could this be?  An alien? A ghost?  ZOMBIE?!?!??

What the hell do they put in icecream?

Icecream, it's yummy, cold and hard to eat when the day is warm and you don't want to spill it everywhere.  I just finished a tub of icecream and being a semi-environmentally focused fellow, I thought I should give it a bit of a rinse before bunging it in the recycle bin.

Monday 27 December 2010

Fans Project DIA Commander and G3 Trailer.

Warning 2042 words(not including these) and lots of pictures!

This review is related to Transformers, but it is not actually a Transformers product.  Recently third party Transformer accessories have been cropping up all over the shop, they have been around for a while now but have become really popular as of late ( as well as numerous).  Although not the founders of the custom designing scene, I am confident in attributing the take-off and success of these third party items to the team that call themselves Fans Project.

This is a combined look at the G3 trailer and DIA Commander accessories they designed for Classics/Henkei Optimus.
Why combined?  Well my dear friend, they are a homage to the awesomeness of G1 (and before even).  Please read on…

Christmas Lights watch 2010. Christmas Eve.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a thing did move, not even a mouse.

Probably because it was hot.  So we decided to use the list in the paper and check out some of the entrants to the annual Christmas Lights decorations.  Some were good, some were ok.  Some were excessive.  Here are two that I could be bothered photographing.  I just enjoyed having a nice walk in the cool(er than home) night air.

To the Bath-tub! And Beyond!


While running around the shops, I found myself in the ‘Health and Beauty’ section.  much to my surprise, I also managed to find an impressive something…

Saturday 25 December 2010

Have yourselves a very sweaty Christmas!

Christmas day, featuring the eating of lots of food and as usual it is hot.  39.9 degrees (or I believe the old 100 in the silly Fahrenheit scale) makes for a hot and fairly uncomfortable day...  Meanwhile the rest of the country has rain.

Friday 24 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 24. Christmas Eve!

WOOOOOO HOOOOO! Not only is it Christmas Eve, I can now stop feeling bad about throwing these horrible chocolates out into the bin (or occasionally eating them) as the final day hath cometh and the calender is now complete!

Advent Calender Challenge. December 23.

Dangit! I have fallen behind again.  Actually I didn't really, I just wanted my 100th post to be a bit more sexy than one if these ones.
Anyway Today's chocolate comes from Optimus' right armpit!  ALLRIGHT!

A Tail of Two (x2) Tails.

Whaddya know, 100 posts already!  I was wondering how to make the 100th more exciting than just the calender and decided that I could do a nice review of Miles 'Tails' Prower (man I love that name!) without the photography taking up too much time.  So here we are!  Thanks for visiting and reading!


Jazwares to the rescue again.  I thought I would combine the 3.75 inch and the 6 inch super poser into one post.  They are basically the same figure, but the scale is different.  As one would expect though, the Super Poser has more articulation.

Any Good?  Yep, they both are!

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 22 + Free ROTF rant.

Oh ho ho ho! Again.  Not long now until the big man comes and delivers presents upon all and sundry, except for those who can't afford it I guess.  Whingeing aside, I am back on the daily track of opening up the calender, daily...  That sounded better in my head. 

Finally a nice bit of rain to cool the place off a little and allow the garden a drinky, funny thing is though, I washed my car a couple of days ago and I said to the better half  'Betcha it will rain soon!'  I should work for the weather bureau.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Harry Potter and the Merchandise of Cheap!

Whilst doing some cruising of random shops today, amidst the Christmas shoppers, I got to having a look at the merchandise for Harry Potter's latest movie, known as HP and The Deathly Hallows.  Now according to a Toyfare magazine of a few years ago, I was under the belief that HP toys were no longer going to be made anymore.  I laughed, there is far too much money to be made.

Advent Calender Challenge. December 21st.

WOOOOOoooooo! Not long until the disappointment of Christmas shows.  Why disappointment?  Well, all this work and effort of almost a month (maybe more depending on dedication levels) for one perhaps two days.  Then it's all over.  Back on daily track with the Advent Calender Challenge!

Advent Calender Challenge. December 18, 19 & 20.

Falling a bit behind on this.  Phew, some days of work and adventures into the night all conspire to make the eating of horrid chocolates less and less appealing.  Oh well.

Adventt Calender Challenge. December 17

The calender challenge from four days ago comes from Bumblebee's left ankle.  I did take the picture on the night of the day concerned, but didn't have time to post...

Saturday 18 December 2010

Reveal the Shield. Windcharger.

Old Windcharger here was a bit of an impulse buy for me.  He is based on his G1 counterpart, which is always a plus in my book, but best of all, instead of being a random name usage (I’m looking at you ROTF Mindwipe) it is designed to look somewhat like him in robot mode with his head(well his cartoon head) and the vehicle mode is an update, but still based along the same body type.

Thursday 16 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 16.

Was at work this morning and off afterwards, so a late challenge report today.

War For Cybertron, Optimus Prime. Wow…

Rounding off my War For Cybertron set of figures comes the guy that has had the most sculpting work done on him for sure.  Again, his size is of a deluxe variety, due to the initial limitations Hasbro put on the Generations line, but the design is very complex and I believe it would look quite at home as a voyager to be honest.

Megatron of the War For Cybertron variety.

Good old War for Cybertron, it's a G1 fanboy's dream (almost) come true.  I was pleased that they have made some toys of the game characters, and hopefully with the announcement of a sequel, more will be on the way. here however, I have a bit of blurb on a mighty looking megs, who just so happens to be carried in the Generations line of figures, which I always forget to mention, as I just see him as WFC. 

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 15

Woke up early, played some Blazblue Continuum Shift and had the house vibrated almost into little pieces by the construction next door. Lovely.

To top it off, it's calender time...  Yay                     ?

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 13 and 14

Wha ha ha ha!  I didn't have time to post up the day of the 13.  OOooo! Evil Monday the 13th.  So today I have two for the post of one!

These aint kids toys: Queen's Gate - Alice, by Revoltech

These aint kids toys: Queen's Gate - Alice, by Revoltech: "Queen's Blade, the one pervy rude series to come out of Japan that I was tempted by. Revoltech have made some nice figures of the cha..."

This post is not recommended for immature folks.

Sunday 12 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 12

Was at work today, so didn't have time for this in the morning.  To be honest, I don't fancy the idea of having this chocolate as breakfast (or at all).  On a completely different note, I managed to get a 40+ freeflow combo in Batman, Arkham Aylum last night.  The trophy notice that popped up managed to distract me enough to put me off the combo...  Maybe next time, 50 hey?

Saturday 11 December 2010

Christmas Lights Watch 2010, a better one!!

The other night we went for another Christams lights search again.  this time though, we hit a  bit of a winnnnnah!  I have the strangest feeling that it may have won a competetion in the past couple of years.  If they haven't then they should be in the running. 

Advent Calender Challenge. December 11.

Today's choccy went straight into the bin.  the only use for these chocolates would be for poisoning dogs.  Sad but true...

Friday 10 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 10

Couldn't bring myself to eat the chocolate today.  They have gotten to the point where they are just too Yuck!

Thursday 9 December 2010

Crazy Plant ruining my day.

Seems odd, previously I had photographed a plant outside the house on a beautiful day post and it was doing fine and strong.    Summer has come and like it did at the start of winter, the damn plants is dying.  Or so I thought...

The simple things in life.

I bought this fan for $5 from a weekend market as a laugh since the other half liked the look of it.  We plonked it in the front garden in front of the kitchen window.  I have to say that it has brought me great enjoyment watchin it spin in the wind.

Transformers 3 official Trailer has been released!

Woooo, Looks exciting!

Advent Calender Challenge. December 9.

Baaargh! Getting tired of these chocolates for sure now!  I had a nice day, started with some Red Dead Redemption, went and caught up with a chum, and came home and had a go on Spiderman, Shattered dimensions.  Spiderman is OK.  The Noir levels are fun, but the camera when you are crawling on the walls is a tad annoying.  The rest of the game seems fairly standard fare really.

Reasons why I love my job.

Many many years ago, I made a vow to play Sonic the hedgehog on a screen so large he was the same height as me.  well thanks to my position at work, I can say that I have accomplished that.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Christmas Lights Watch, 2010. (Sort of)

Haven't had much time for getting out and about for a Christmas Lights search lately, especially since my knee thought it would be funny to cause me pain for no apparent reason.  So I took a pic of the lights off my own mini-table-tree.

It's actually a photo of the lights reflected off the wall, with a tissue box shadow for good measure.  Looks quite interesting in my humble opinion.

Advent Calender Challenge. Decmember 8

Oh no!  Today's chocolate was a struggle.  When I bit into it, there was a strange 'crunch.'  Now there is something wrong with that!

Tuesday 7 December 2010

PREDAKING! Is all that needs to be said.

I went on about this guy briefly when he arrived.  I have played and I have enjoyed, What a beastly beast man!  No wonder the Predacons are the baddest of the combiner groups!

Advent Calender Challenge. December 7.

Managed to have a nice bash on Donkey Kong Country Returns today.  Man that sunset level where DK and DK are in silhouette is so pretty.  I mention this as I forgot about my Advent Calender challenge... 

Until now!

Monday 6 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 6th

The chocolate for today is some mystery shape.  if you have any ideas as to what it may be, feel free to mention, because I have no idea.

Sega and Sonic All-Stars racing 4 car set review.

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is a nice game in the vein of Mario Kart.  Very fast and although there are a few too many Sonic-verse characters, it is still quite a worthy entry to a racing game fans collection.  As a bonus, some action figures have been dished out as well.  Made by Jazwares, like the other Sonic toys, they are equivalent to matchbox type cars.

Stealth Force Optimus Prime review.

Non-Transforming Transformers, what's the world coming to? This version of Optimus is in the Stealth Force line of toys, along with my previous post about Soundwave, again it doesn't have a robot mode, but it is definitely set in the Movie universe. Is this one any good? Again, just like Soundwave, it depends on the price.

*Edit!*  This toy has been re-released under the Dark of the Moon toy line.  It has a new box, but is still the same toy.

Sunday 5 December 2010

Tails to help.

Not even Tails can work out why my video won't upload to the blog post.


"Hey Big! Stop being such a wally and give me a hand!"

What the heck is up with that?

Advent Calender Challenge. December 5th

Back for some more, almost forgot to do this today. Late addition. However, never fear, I am still one the job!

Saturday 4 December 2010

Thursday 2 December 2010

Crazy Japanese Gaming....

I heard about his game and thought I would have to try it out.  Criminal Girls.  yep, you heard correctly.  It so far appears to be some strange Japanese RPG.  The usual 'chibi' (shrunken, also referred to as super deformed) game characters.

Advent Calender Challenge. December 2nd.

So far so good.  Remembered to open it up today.

Also remembered how bad the chocolates are...

Advent Calender Challenge. December 1st.

As part of the work scecret Santa thingo, someone gave me this advent calender of a Transformers theme. Convenient, as it arrived just before the start of December.  Now last time I had one of these, I managed to forget about it for most of the month and ended up munching on chocolates from it throughout February...

Wednesday 1 December 2010

The good thing about massive Bush fires...

They can make for incredible sunsets! 

Shame about the dickhead who started the bush fire though. 

Christmas Lights watch 2010

I like the new habit of people jazzing up their abodes with Christmas lights.  Sure, I wouldn't want to live next to a really good one as all the gawkers (like me) would probably irritate me no end.  Nevertheless, I went out the local area for a quick tour and found one place worthy of note.

Nice start to the viewing methinks.  Hope there are many more to come.


This big bad boy appeared in my humble post box.