Friday 24 December 2010

A Tail of Two (x2) Tails.

Whaddya know, 100 posts already!  I was wondering how to make the 100th more exciting than just the calender and decided that I could do a nice review of Miles 'Tails' Prower (man I love that name!) without the photography taking up too much time.  So here we are!  Thanks for visiting and reading!


Jazwares to the rescue again.  I thought I would combine the 3.75 inch and the 6 inch super poser into one post.  They are basically the same figure, but the scale is different.  As one would expect though, the Super Poser has more articulation.

Any Good?  Yep, they both are!
As you can imagine the main difference is the size.  Both are Articulated well, the smaller one I was impressed with for his size and due to his tails, he can stand unaided, unlike Sonic which I reviewed earlier.  The colours are a little different as well and the Super size one is closer to Tails’ colour. 

Starting with the little guy.
He has hinge joints all over.  Knees, shoulders, hips, elbows.  His wrists and feet can be rotated as can the head and the waist.  The tails on his back can be rotated as well.  This adds play value as you can kind of make him look like he is using them to fly.  Really, these figures have an incredible amount of articulated points in them considering the size.  The tails on the back act as a stand and allow him to stand up without any help, which is very cool.

The moulding detail is pretty good too.  He has a notable mouth and his trademark sprig of hair and fluffy bits off the side of the mouth are accounted for.  Heck, even his bits of hair off his white chest are there, which is very nice to see indeed.  His hands look like they could grip things that were the right size and I did give him Black Knight Sonic’s sword for a laugh, which worked ok. 
The paint applications that have been applied are all crisp and in the right spots.  I do like the way that they have managed to keep his blue eyes as well as add pupils as well!  Good work Jazwares
Overall a very nice little figure.  Definitely better than Sonic, which is very much due to the fact that he can stand by himself.  Plus I have always though Tails was terribly terribly cute…

Now for the big guy.
The Super poser has heaps of articulated points.  If I remember correctly, I think the box said 25…  Like the smaller one, we have; Shoulder, elbows, knees, hips, neck, tails as well as wrists, palms, waist, ankles and extra tails.

It’s mighty impressive.  It feels sturdy and is made of strong, but flexible plastic.  Just be careful with some of the joints though, as I have discovered with a broken Shadow that if they are put under a lot of pressure which may happen through normal use, they may break.  This guy is great,  good paint applications, and some cool details.  Right to his tuft of side chest hairs.  the only problem with these on this one though is that they get in the way of his upper arms when you want to point them forwards.  Luckily thanks to the rest of the articulation, this can be gotten around, but still…  Morale of the story is to not force anything here.

His tails have an extra bit f movement over the smaller version, these ones you can fan out.  Now you can really make him look like he is using them to propeller along. Wheeeeee!
As you can see, the colour is less orange and more yellow than the other one, I think this looks more like Tails’ colour.  I do like that he has painted blue eyes and nose.  His left hand has been sculpted well, but the right looks a little weird and can be hard to do anything with.  I always seem to think that it looks like a ‘I’m about to take over the world!’ kind of hand.  Maybe he has been spending too much time with Dr. Eggman.

Like the smaller toy, this one is well done and I really like it.  I was mighty impressed and he has proved to be one of my favourites out of the Sonic toys that I have.  the little one is a good match to have if you go for smaller toys, but this Super Poser version is very very very well designed to keep the aesthetic of Tails and is just a perfect rendition of the little orange fox.

Extra Pics of the little guy.
IMG_3654 - CopyIMG_3655IMG_3657IMG_3658

Now for the Extra pics of the big Guy.

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