Tuesday 14 December 2010

Advent Calender Challenge. December 13 and 14

Wha ha ha ha!  I didn't have time to post up the day of the 13.  OOooo! Evil Monday the 13th.  So today I have two for the post of one!

First up, December 13.  The space is Optimus' left hip.  Lucky Optimus.

13th's choccy is a bear of some sort.  Probably a Teddy bear.  How cute.

 December the 14th.
Todays' choccy come from OPTIMUS' FACE!  Man that must hurt, poor guy.

And the choccy shape?  A lantern I guess, I thought it was the Doctor's TARDIS at first, but that isn't all the Christmassy themed.  Although they do make those Christmas special episodes, which are usually amusing.

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