Thursday 9 December 2010

Transformers 3 official Trailer has been released!

Woooo, Looks exciting!

Lots of possibilites there.  Most TFs with facial hair are some thing good.  Wreck gar, Scourge, Alpha Trion.  He looks like an old fella, and there is a hint at Unicron in the section that flashes through the eyes.  After the saw blade.  Why saw blade in their eyes?

Hopefully, with less leg humping and stupid bits (I am loking at you stoned Sam's Mum) this movie will have more going for it than cool fight scenes, which really is all TF2 was.  Even then they got them in the wrong order.  The movie peaked at the Megatron vs Optimus forest scene, which was awesome.  The end fight wih the Fallen was  ..   ... .  ..pants.  And not sexy school girls hipster types with stripes on them, smelly, used ones from fat chicks..

There was no 'Revenge' either. FAIL!

Anyhoo, I digress, as long as the movie keeps that class which the trailer seems to show and manages to press the usualy agenda of Mr Bay and the military (i.e How awesome is America.), all things should be good. (?)

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