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Volcanicus Manga Final part 1 English Translation!

I have no Mouth(or do I?) but I must NOM 

So here we are with the "final" section of the Generations Selects comic series.  Well, part one of the final, so not final just yet.  But eeh, that's just being pedantic.    In this glorious episode

  • Primus loses his marbles.
  • A slight game related pun rears it's head!
  • Seriously, just how does Purple Convoy keep munching on those Gary-gary-formers.  Is he an emo cannibal?  To top it off, he has no mouth, although in one panel the lower section of his face is obscured and you can't see the mask line, so maybe it's retractable?  these are the questions that need answering!

What a doozy it is as well.  18 pages of fun insanity.  It makes me wonder though, is this the start of the end of Generations Selects, or just this comic series?  I hope just the comic series, as I am still awaiting Armada Prime that they showed of a couple of years ago (and it looked fantastic!!).  Although I must admit I enjoy these comics immensely, so really I hope they continue in some form.

I actually had a lot of fun working on this one.  Some of the effects editing presented a challenge and so I have felt that my editing skills have improved and since there weren't so many pages of hoopy doo effects it didn't become draining doing them all, which was nice.

Back on topic though, like all the other Selects Manga, read this one left to right.  My ranting and lame arse theories at the end of the comic.

Complete CBR here

I think there are three characters plying for the creation of a new universe. Primus, Primacron, Starscream.  From what we've seen of Starscream so far he's been remarkably loyal to Primus (uncharacteristically so in fact).  The silhouette in the background looks nothing like Primus.  Starscream has a small transport (a golden Soundwave in base mode?) and might have been the one to nab Lowbhammer.  Although Primus did refer to himself as "That person" at the end of one of the comics, he kept his identity hidden up until that point.  That would've been an excellent opportunity for someone to go running around pretending to be Primus and doing Primus-y things while calling themselves "That Person."

It would also seem this comic covers 3 time periods:  

  1. G1 Universe (now)
  2. Pre-G1 universe (which I refer to as "Creation")
  3. Pre-creation universe.
I know that the Marvel comic talks about a pre-G1 universe, and something about the Void.  I wanted to avoid calling the Pre-G1 universe the name used there as that universe is brought about by a Pre-G1 Unicron eating everything apparently and so far, Selects hasn't mentioned a Unicron in its PreG1 universe.  
The Pre-Pre G1 universe is one where each colour is a separate mini universe.  But somehow the Convoys are able to hang out together and chat over the radio.
In a way all the Universe are almost used as a kind of reincarnation aspect of lives.  White Convoy becomes Optimus Prime Convoy.  It wouldn't be  that far of a stretch that others are reborn as well.

Spectre evolves to become the Vok it would seem.  Spectre are shadows created by the light of the matrix.  On page 3, Panel 5 you can see 3 shapes of Spectre.  One looks like Reverse Convoy and another looks a bit like Heatwave (Nexus Maximus [oo-eer] guy).  Later on page 9, panels 7 & 8 you can see some statues.  One looks close to Heatwave, Reverse Convoy and a wing that might be a version of United Scourge/Ratbat.?  From this, one could assume they were previous Convoys and it would make sense that Spectre would be shadows of those who opened the matrix.  One does looks suspiciously like Thunderwing though and another has two dragon heads, so.....?

Reverse Convoy ( a figure that doesn't get enough love IMO) is Brightess Convoy.  I wonder if they mean "Brightest" or maybe Reverse Convoy is a lady as well.  To get the pronunciation close, I went for Brightess (bry-tess) instead of Brightes( brites).  Actually Brites would fit in well with Rainbow Brite, which I had a few flashbacks too what with all the coloured Convoy's and light powers, shadow enemies and whatnot.

It strikes me as odd in that Primacron doesn't have much love for Primus, yet he names his universe destroying mega robot after him?

Primacron syas he'll make Primus his servant in the next universe and we see that he does as the Oracle is Primacron's servant in "Call of the Primitives."

Primacron's Aide force, could be seen as a tenuous link to the Legends line.

Oh, and the game related pun?  Ape Escape.  The Japanese plainly states that "Monkeys ran away," since gorillas are apes (and Primus does look simian like), and they escaped I thought it sounds nice and would appeal to nerds like myself.  incidentally the Japanese name for Ape Escape is "Saru Gechu" (Monkey Get You). Which makes a fair bit of sense.  Ape Escape is also a good game.  It also kind of works, as Yellow Convoy there is super confused by what is going on, an out of universe reference fits perfectly. 

"The One" is one who chose Primus.  So.... Someone of importance. My proof reader buddy thinks that The One is based on a pencil topper figure, which I could believe.  He pointed out that it's interesting that a pencil implement item is a god for a cartoon character.  Meanwhile I had flashbacks to Comix Zone on the Megadrive.  Play it, it's good!  

Is there a pre-pre-pre Universe where "The One" chooses Primus and make a Universe?  Or does "The One" live in the pre-pre universe.  What colour would The One be?  Who made "The One"? Existential man....

Lovely fan mode combination with Purple Convoy and O'Megatron and great artwork as well!  Man I want that Shattered Glass Version of that Convoy mould soooo bad.

The debut of a conscious Lowbhammer is interesting.  Makes me wonder if he/she will get a toy eventually.

Golden Age.  Obviously the name of Primus' elite personal force of fragile followers.  Also a reference to the "Golden Age" of comics (1938-1956 if you're interested).

Nice to see Primus use his vehicle mode.  I wondered if that would be touched upon.

And also some cool action from O'Megatron with all his missile firing!  Followed up with a Purple convoy Power boost trailer attempt.  Sadly all for naught though.

Star Convoy has hands over his mouth plate and he can't speak?  But, but he doesn't have lips!  How does that make any difference??

I do love that when Primus blasts O'Megatron with the Big Bang Cannon, they've drawn the same explosion as we see in the first Star Convoy Comic.

The effect in Japanese reads a Doooh, which I would put as boom normally, but since its the big bang cannon, I though bang was a better choice.

When Primus kills Purple, the Japanese says "Die," going with the colour theme, I thought fade away was more appropriate

Curious sparkle around the GaryGary kun icecream transformer after Purple convoy crumbles away.

And wonderful crazy, Primus-has-gone-off-the-deep-end face at the end there.

So, if Primus creates the next universe, why does he think it'll be better? Didn't he create the one they were currently in? Answer, yes he did.

Now in this current scenario, we can see that Primus has the chance to create a couple of universes.  Destroy the old, build the new.  Would this make him a genocidal maniac? (Yes)

Who wants a genocidal maniac as their god?

Interesting to see that in this story, Primacron makes the G1 Universe, thereby making him the god of essentially the world in which we live!  Creepy.  While most of it is good and well, ok all things considered, I think that Primus is objecting to the world destruction and terror that occurs in the Volcanicus comic where we learn from Grimlock that O'megatron is out of control and the Earth started rupturing Angolmois energy making everyone don facial hair

I'm going to assume that the final final part comes with Abominus.  How will it all be resolved?  A question for the ages (or for the end of the month).

Final comment, I enjoyed editing this one a lot and found it confusing on first reading through.  All this time jumping and flashbacking within time jumps creates inception levels of confusion in the noggin. Comprehension skills are required ladies and gentlemen.  There's a lot going on and the base it comes from isn't all that stable.

So thanks for reading, if you made it all the way day here through my notes and rambles, well done!  I give you one free internet hug.  .

As of posting, I noticed that Takara tomy has take then listing down of Volcanicus from their store page.  That was quick.  And annoyingly you can't get the comics from the TF site.  That sucks, but I believe it is still floating  around on the net somewhere.

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