Wednesday 14 July 2021

Crab Capsule toy review

 So, for whatever reason I've been wasting money on various capsule toys recently.  After finding some cool ones, I had a dig around and there doesn't seem to be much organised information on these things.  A peruse of Youtube for example seems to result in a variety of vides along the lines of

Hey guys, look at all this crazy shit I bought in Japan!!!

And an unorganised video of a huge variety of stuff seems to follow without spending much time looking at and enjoying them. 

Which I think is a shame, as they are generally very cleverly designed.

With that in mind, I am launching a new section (yes, another one) that I cleverly call

Tets' Tat & Trinkets 

(still has the T, T and CH/SH combo of sounds y'see) where I will hopefully on a regular basis cover some of these remarkable little toys.  As well as other cheap stuff I find.

Here we go with the first one, ikimono Daizukan Common Box crab, by Bandai (yes, I chose an interesting one for the first one)  Scientific name of calapa lophos,