Monday 30 January 2012

figma Hastune Miku comparison

Since I appear to have many a figma Miku in my hands, I was looking at selling one off.  the only condition was that if I had a duplicate body, then I could happily get rid of one, as the others are the same.  After perusing the Good Smile Company’s website, where they have a list of the figmas that they have released, I was in good mind to drop one, as it appears all the Mikus they have use the same basic body and similar colours just with extra accessories.

Sunday 29 January 2012

Quick Steps?

Some Stepper quick shots!


Just picked this dude up the other day and took him to work to have a look.  The problem is, it’s such a nice toy I found myself playing with it.  Unprepared for proper photographing I just took some quick snaps as my camera was running out of juice and apparently that means it has issues auto focussing, so please excuse the poor quality of a couple of shots.


Thursday 26 January 2012

Ooooh! The Vanilla Mars Bar.

After my previous experience with novelty Mars Bars (the dreaded caramel one that is), I was rightly apprehensive when I saw this little fellow in a stand at a supermarket.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Super Sonic Speed run!

I grabbed Sonic Generations for the 3DS the other day and even though it’s not a patch on the bigger console version, I have found myself having fun with the Time Trial section of the game.  So as I have been a little lazy today, I cranked Act 2 of Green Hill Zone (with Modern Sonic) and found it had a good flow.  I have since ended up with what I think is a pretty efficient run.


My Super Sonic Spreeeeeeed Run baby!


Hmm, I just thought of a way to make it a bit quicker…

Sunday 22 January 2012

Beware! The Caramel Mars Bar

I love Mars Bars.


I love caramel.


Mars Bars have caramel in them.


I see a ‘caramel Mars Bar’ in the shop and I wonder, what could this be?  Out of curiosity, I make a purchase.


Wednesday 18 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon!

Transmetal 2 Dragon that is…

2011 Racing figma Miku Hatsune



Another Miku Hatsune hey?  Bah! How many can one chap have?  Well a lot judging by how I am going…


This one is a very limited run.  It was only attainable by becoming a sponsor for team Ukyo.  Or something. You got a personalised card and some other stuff, there were three levels of sponsorship available and that varied the amount of goodies one got.


According to the Good Smile Company’s website, it has “…transparent feeling hair…”  That is special in itself!  Luckily the figure is better than their English.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Sonic Generations Soundtrack!!


Got my Sonic Generations Soundtrack in the post today.  THIS is the CD I have been wanting, while mindlessly wasting my time and money on other options that I thought had the music from the games.  Like This and This.  Be aware that those CDS are just the First Stage music from various games.  So half the music is already on other CDs and it is not the music in any of the Generations games.


Anyway, now that I have it, I thought I would blab about it.


Here we goooooo!


Sunday 15 January 2012

20 Year Booze Houndin’

A while back the better half and I made a dash out into the outback for a little day away to the wonderful site of New Norcia. Being only 2 hour drive from Perth, we left early and made it there by about 10am.




Anyway, holiday pics will be coming soon, but i thought I would add some pictures of a little gem that I bought as a souvenir.  Some lovely 20 year old Muscat liqueur. Mmmmmmmmmm!  20 Years aged! Howdy doody.


Thursday 12 January 2012

Quick fix, Linebeck!


Being addicted to plastic Crack,  I occasionally need a quick fix from the local gashapon machine.  Every now and then I really find a cracker.  this day I managed to come across a nice Legend Zelda Phantom Hourglass thing.  As an extra bonus, I managed to get the rather cool character Linebeck.  Woot!

Monday 9 January 2012

Of Human Behaviour and… Cakes

It has become a recent tradition in my household to have a nice cake during the time of Christmas. Not all in the household appreciate the joys of Christmas Pudding as much as I, a fact which saddens me greatly.  Hence the gourmet cake option that is a sort of mid-way meeting thing.

Anyway, this year we decided to go to a rather well known in the area and classy bakery that goes by the name of “Jean Pierre Sancho.”  Thus we bought our cakes.

Saturday 7 January 2012

The evils of travel.


The After a month of waiting, my Encore Devastator arrived in my post box and I ran inside to pick him up from the post office.  Little was I to know the horror that awaited me….


Monday 2 January 2012

Classic Cats, 1980s Lion-O

So I had the 6 inch 2011 Lion-O in, and in a father/Son moment, I got the 8 inch Classic Lion-O as well.  I have been looking forward to messing with this guy after playing around with the smaller younger one and finally I got a chance to crack him open and have a look see.