Tuesday 17 November 2020

Transformers Generations Selects Comics CBR + Musings on translating

 Firs exciting piece of news,  I have made all the Selects comics into one handy-dandy CBR file for your reading pleasure.  Having a fair bit of the story now, I went back to the earlier issues and made some changes for continuity's sake and it should make a bit more sense.  But just a bit.  

Link after the jump.

Updated with complete comic 17 May

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Abominus & the Terrorcons Manga translation PART 2!

Abominus and the Terrorcons Vol 2.  This was a fun read and I enjoyed it a lot.  I hope you do too!  My usual random thoughts, ramblings and theories to confuse are underneath. If you feel so inclined.
Oh read them left to right.

Saturday 17 October 2020

Abominus & The Terrorcons, Generations Select Manga Translation


Whee, I love the Terrorcons and I really enjoyed working on this comic.  It represents them pretty well as a monstrous force of devastation!  So that was cool and I'm excited to find the next part of the comic.  As for the toys, well..... Being just cartoon coloured with a new chest shield and a gun, I find them a little underwhelming.  I mean the weren't in the G1 cartoon all that much and Headmasters was so tedious the very thought of watching it again gives me PTSD.  

Anyway, enough rambling, read on and enjoy.  As usual for the Selects comics, read them L-R and check out my notes and ramblings after the comic! Enjoy!

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Volcanicus & the Dinobots, comic translation, part two!

Once again we're here with the Dinobots and while this was a fun one to edit for the effects, I didn't find it as mentally engaging. Mainly because there is juts a bunch of fighting going on.  Still, the end has me all excited!

Saturday 26 September 2020

Quintesson Judge Judgement review

 Just a Quicky.  

A short review of the Quintesson Judge what came from Takara Tomy and changes into a base thing.  

Give it a watch, it's only 5 minutes and you've probably wasted longer time than that on shittier videos on youtube.


Saturday 19 September 2020

Volcanicus & the Dinobots Manga Translation

Oooh baby. 

Takara Tomy dropped another Select toy a while ago, and while I personally have no interest in it, I must admit it looks nice.  They also dropped another comic book, continuing the adventures of Star Convoy, King Poseidon, Super(now Omega) Megatron and now Volcanicus! 

I have taken the liberty of translating it.

Enjoy!  As usual, my random thoughts theories and ramblings after the comic.

Saturday 5 September 2020

Tets Goes to Cybertron Base Pop up shop in Tokyo Station

A small temporary wagon for buying Transformers Tat and Trinkets.  I went o have a look.  Watch the video, have a look at the pictures, have fun. Visit the website to see what else you could get.


Tuesday 4 August 2020

Tets watches Transformers War for Cybertron Siege the cartoon or maybe anime that has a long name.

TWar for Cybertron:Transformers: Siege

An anime with many names made by Netflix and watched by me.  I’ve found myself enjoying Netflix shows.  Well the few I’ve watched anyway and think good things when I hear about them making something (Loved Voltron Legendary Defender).  Netflix recently debuted Transformers Siege the cartoon and I watched it.  Below is a summary of my feelings.

It was a thing that I watched.

Really the show wasn’t terrible by any means, but it wasn’t good either. Coming off the corpse that was the Power of the Primes cartoon (THAT was a bad show), it’s kind of hard to go downhill, so you could say I was looking forward to this one.

6 episodes of about 20 minutes each.  Essentially a movie, challenging, but by no means impossible.   Brief summary of the story is it is Autobots vs. Decepticons before the Autobots try and escape Cybertron.  Er, so like the WFC/FOC games then? Why yes! But different.

It uses the actual computer models of the toys in it which was pretty cool, but then also allowed me to have a decent look at the tetra-jet seeker shape and yeesh, it really is a folded up robot underneath the angled wings.  I also realise that their character roster is therefore limited because of that, but that’s cool.  Beast Wars had a limited character roster and that was a cool show.  Also some really awesome movies have a very limited character roster and have been good too.

Essentially though this show feels like fan fiction.  There are too many Macguffins, characters are (on the whole) annoying and some incredible leaps of faith are required from the viewer.  While I do understand that I am watching a show about living robots in space, I also believe that plot points need to flow from one thing to another with a reasonably logical sequence.

WFC Transformers Siege, an anime manages to make one too many “Happy coincidences” and one too many “suspensions of disbelief” for me to take.

Now for the spoiler section.

Sunday 12 July 2020

Siege Astrotrain Video review

Wheee!  Finally got my act together enough to finish this video review of Takaratomy's Siege Astrotrain figure!

Watch it, love it, share and enjoy!

Saturday 4 July 2020

JP Earthrise Starscream unboxing and mini-review

I cracked after seeing a picture of Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp on twitter.  I bought Earthrise Starscream… Dammit.

My initial plan was to wait for Skywarp.  His lavender/black combination is just too beautiful and he is by far my favourite seeker.  I also had little interest in Starscrem because really the design doesn't look all that much of an improvement over the old  Classics/Henkeihenkei mould.  But I cracked and bought it. Dammit.

Wednesday 10 June 2020

God Neptune Comic Translation Part 2

Part Two of God Neptune’s manga/comic lovingly translated into English for the dozens that are interested.

In this exciting episode:
GariGari Kun Convoy gets munched on again.  Does Purple Convoy have decay in his teeth?
Is this the new popcorn meme?

  • More Upgrades!
  • Betrayal!
  • Redemption!
  • Slicing
  • Robot squishy brains that make Dai Atlus’ efforts looks plain.

Read on, for the comic that may well create more questions than it answers!

Thursday 28 May 2020

The Legend of Zelda–Quick review

A Link Between Worlds.

What a wonderful little game this is.  Over the past few weeks I got a copy and had a play through of this on my 3ds and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday 16 May 2020

God Neptune Manga Translation

In this exciting issue:
  • All the colours of the rainbow!
  • Hearts broken!
  • Hearts mended!
  • Some nice cameos!

Sunday 26 April 2020

POTP Slag Figure Review.

Much innuendo

Slag was actually one of the Dinobots I owned as a younger me, to be specific, I had the G2 green one somehow, perhaps soon after I had discovered the wonders of Ebay and I bought a  not so good condition blue Grimlock (I suspect I got ripped off).  It was at the moment, I discovered that not ALL Dinobots were equal.  While I had played with a friend’s Grimlock, Swoop and my own Snarl while also knowing that Sludge was  very similar to Grimlcok, I had NO idea about Slag. 

Getting my hands on the G2 one showed me that it was not a very good toy.  While the dinosaur mode was (naturally) awesome, robot mode left a lot to be desired. 

This however is not a review of the G1/G2 toy.  I got the Power of the Primes version soon after buying Sludge as I was wondering how he would turn out, after all the bar was pretty low.  Luckily this guy is a pretty nice upgrade.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Super Megatron, the Second Half of the Comic.

The name's Gary.  Thank you for asking.

In this week’s exciting episode!

  • Friends are met!
  • Mysterious persons revealed!
  • Explanations are finally given! (sort of)

Saturday 11 April 2020

Super Megatron Comic Translation Generations Selects Part 8


In this exciting volume:
Star Convoy gets insulted (twice), and  impersonates Marvel’s Thor!

Super Megatron gets the munchies and The Touch!

Tet’s gets annoyed as the pages that were being worked on got an update from Takaratomy and had to be redone.

Sunday 5 April 2020

Super Megatron Comic Translation Generations Selects Part 7

Here we go with the translation of the first part of the Super Megatron comic which is meant to drum up interest in the toy of the same name from Takaratomy.  Original comic is here, I'll probably update this post with it later on.

For now, though enjoy these 3 pages.

Friday 3 April 2020

POTP Sinnertwin review

Sinnertwin (6)
*to tide you over while I work on the translation of Super Megatron comics, read this *

After reviewing Snarl and the other Dinobots, I’m making my way through the Terrorcons.  Each review will have a little bit more gushing about them, as they truly captured my imagination as a kid. 
Despite only owning two.

Sinnertwin here was one I always wanted (along with all the rest).  I mean what's not to love about a two headed dog thing Transformer.  Not hiding in the bushes of love though.  I love his names.  Actually I think most of the Terrorcons got really good names overall.  Cutthroat sounds like a pirate.  Sinnertwin sounds bad and double trouble, Rippersnapper sharp and violent, Hun-grr erm, gluttonous and Blot… Um. well...

Sinnertwin, that’s a cool name hey?

Sunday 29 March 2020

Legends Manga #28, Rewind and Nightbeat English Translation

It's been an interesting little weekend.  While the world tries to hide away from the uncertainty of COVID-19, I try and ignore the consistent news and debate from my friends about the pros and cons of wearing masks, I sit in my study room with the window wide open, a cup of tea on the table, and a scarf around my neck and  because it is Spring with cherry blossom trees are blooming, yet I am watching it snow from my window, while listening the yells and screams of joy from the neighbours' kids playing in it.  Luckily they aren't being as irritating as usual. geddoffmahlawn.

I am in an area that doesn't usually get snow and we've had more snow during spring than we had during winter...  Truly the world has gone mad.

But just as we get all  sad about being stuck indoors, or sad about running out of things to do, I can proudly provide you with some toilet reading.  Alas over the internet, I cannot provide actual toilet paper.  A resource more vital than water itself it would seem from the past few weeks evidence.

Read on for more!

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Chama, Bump of Chicken, Sonic blue and Bumble(bee)

Well, this was a bit of a surprise.  Legends Bumblebee was recoloured as a little tie in with the Japanese band Bump of Chicken.

Another surprise was that it looked nice.  I wanted one, but missed the order window…

One more surprise is someone I know got one!

Final surprise is that they could scan it for me.  So while it’s not the most amazing story to shake the Transformers universe it is cute and since Chama seems to be a fan of Transformers makes a bit more sense than this guy.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Snarl - Power of the Primes version review.

Power of The Primes Snarl

With my recent dive into the wonders of the POTP Terrorcons, the thought of the new Siege Apeface and more monstery robots, I started to dig out the Dinobots I have.  A disturbingly long while ago, I blogged about Sludge and how he impressed me enough to get Slag and Swoop.  Having being impressed at how Swoop and Cutthroat were so similar in their base body, I was curious to check out other figures.  I dug out Snarl…  He looks very similar to Sinnertwin.  So here I am having a look at Snarl.  No points for guessing who is next.

Snarl was the only G1 Dinobot I owned as a kid and even then it was the gold box re-release with the red body.  Snarl to me was a great toy, it looked impressive with his awesomely shiny glorious golden tail split over his back, big chest and nice head sculpt.  Finally, the Stegosaurus was among the top 5 dinosaurs that I loved and thought were awesome.

Monday 9 March 2020

1/144 Scale Vic Viper Gradius IV Plum model kit review

What’s a man-child to do on a cold Sunday when his wife, in a bout of coronavirus paranoia, won’t let you travel far and wide to the used game shops? It’s time to build that new model kit that arrived last week! Let’s see how it fares. 

Friday 28 February 2020

Earthrise retail in Japan

What is going on in Japan with Transformers at the moment? 

When I came for holidays many moons ago the shelves were often stocked with many toys (when shows were running).  When the Legends line was going they had a pretty good shelf presence.  Siege and the movie lines came along and well, the movie robots can look kind of similar (all them silver bots…) and Siege has been doing well enough for me to have never seen some of the figures in the wild.  I’ve only seen 1 Refractor on the shelves and even Ratbat and Laserbeak spy boxes were hard to find.

So now it comes to Earthrise… “Arse Rise” to say it phonetically for Japan… and quite a few figures have become TTmall exclusives….  Let’s have a look shall we?

Monday 24 February 2020

N.Y Toyfair 2020 Fallout

HOT DAMN! the toyfair on this weekend has me excited.  Mainly about the information on the rest of the Earthrise line.  I will admit that the first bunch of releases for Earthrise, just being Optimus, Wheeljack and other guys we’ve seen a billion times before didn’t really get me all that excited, the information from Ty Fair has got me all a flutter!

If you want to have a gander at the show and pictures that I couldn’t be bothered listing, check out this very informative post listing them all which has links to follow to the various galleries.

Saturday 15 February 2020

Legends Blitzwing video review

After almost, or more than two years trying to do this review, I finally have it done!  Why did it take two years?
A combination of writer's block and videoer's block.  I'd record the talkies and sound bored.  I'd take the video, it was crap. This happened more times than I would've liked.... Eventually I settled on a nice in-between where I was satisfied with what I said, how I said it and managed to keep the video short.  I also was happy with my attempts at animations and creating graphics and stuff.

Sunday 9 February 2020

Battlemaster Smashdown

I’ve been pretty unimpressed with Battlemasters from Siege so far.  They’re small (not cheap) and generally lacking paint. The two Battlemasters I’m actually interested in are too big for their purpose and one is an exclusive.  Yes, I am talking about the guys needed for Spinister’s weapons.  So why do I have Smashdown here? 

Because he has an animalistic robot mode.

Monday 13 January 2020

Gaming of 2019

After Androgyne’s game post, it kind of got me thinking about the games I’ve been playing this year.  Although nowhere near as numerous as his, I think I’ll try listing them down with some thoughts as well (in no particular order).

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Cutthroat POTP Figure review

I’ve had this guy sitting on my desk for a while now.  Actually I got him out after the Swoop review because they are, well, body-buddies.  However as I’ve spent some quality time with him, playing, fiddling, road trips etc. I’ve come to the conclusion that Cutthroat is more.

My link to Cutthroat is erm, not strong.  As a kid, the Terrorcons were the closest I ever got to completing a gestalt team.  Well, I had Blot and Rippersnapper, both of which I’ve always thought were awesome. At the time that the Power of the Primes line would include the Terrorcons, I was super happy!  Also, I was extremely excited that they were still called the Terrorcons. I thought Hasbro would run away from that term after, well the way that the word terrorist and war on terror etc etc is used by the media… Especially considering how Rippersnappers actual function in G1 was a “Terrorist.” But that's for the eventual Rippersnapper review.

Enough about other stuff, let’s look at Cutthroat right NOW!

Wednesday 1 January 2020

2019 End of Wrapping

So once again, here we are at the end of the year, and a particularly slow posting amount from me this year.  Although looking back at the posts, one more than last year Hrm…  Most of this years’ were translations though. Inneresting, for me anyway.

For reference: