Saturday 11 April 2020

Super Megatron Comic Translation Generations Selects Part 8


In this exciting volume:
Star Convoy gets insulted (twice), and  impersonates Marvel’s Thor!

Super Megatron gets the munchies and The Touch!

Tet’s gets annoyed as the pages that were being worked on got an update from Takaratomy and had to be redone.

Ok, this is officially still part one of Super Megatron’s comic, but they keep splitting them up into different files… I feel another reading order page coming on…. Original Comic is here Although I will post it up here (in the future) as they tend to disappear from there….

These babies are read L-R.


Those creatures look a tad like Lunar from the Legends line (Blurr’s targetmaster parter) but the artist is not the same and I don’t think that the planet is supposed to be the Battle Beast planet.

I wonder if Megatron had any background music while powering-up.  Suggested songs:
  • The Touch (of course)
  • Eye of the Tiger
  • I’m Too Sexy
Suggestions welcome!


  1. I think you put the conclusion at the top.

    1. Oh my, I did indeed. Thanks for letting my know. Fixed! :)


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