Sunday 27 February 2011

CM's Corp Gutto Kuru Nanael Review

Cm's Corp have made a nice looking Nanael figure.  It is preicey though, I have never had any of their figures before, so how does it stack up?  Should I get this, or just put up with the cheaper and smaller Revoltech Nanael?

Find out in this review of Gutto Kuru Nanael!!!

Click here for more, toy nudity is involved.  You are warned

Hmmmm, Coffeeliscious!

I like me some coffee!  The other day I had a lovely cuppa.

New Goodies. NOICE!

Managed to pick up some Reveal the Shield Transformers over the past couple o days.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Another Masterpiece? Two toys in one?

Have finished having a play with my newly acquired Rodimus Convoy, of the Masterpiece series.  I like it.  I had trouble with writing this review, as I ended up with a massive long post, as there is a lot to say about it.  But it was boring to read and rambled somewhat.  It took me some time to write as well.  So, I have decided to cut it down quite a bit to some notes and let the pictures do the talking, as there are quite a few.

Sunday 20 February 2011

Donations button added

I added a donations button to the side bar today. 

Well I didn't do it lightly. 
Currently I am trying to keep up the toy blog, work, pay the rent and on top of all this, the better half would like to return to Japan.  I would like to be able to move over there as well and work and spend some years experiencing life in another country, I think it would be most exciting!!

Plus I am getting a bit tired and worn down by where I currently am.  Therefore I added the donations button.  I figured that those who appreciate my work and are kind enough to donate can, knowing that I won't be spending it on drugs, booze or other such things.  It will go towards a continental move and a 'plastic crack' (toys in case you are wondering) addiction,  the results of which will be shared with the whole world.

Those who don't wish to donate don't have to.  I will do my best and the blog will continue on as I can, as will life in general.  The button is there, just in case someone feels that they would like to help out.

Again, I have been thinking about this for a while now, and only added it on the chance that some generous people are feeling generous when they visit my blog.

Never know your luck hey?

Thanks, and a big thanks for coming to my blog.  It may not be much and I am still feeling my way around, but I am quite proud of the way it is going. I wish that everyone who visits, enjoys the work I have put up for them to see.


Saturday 19 February 2011

‘Life Sized’ Gundam in Odaiba

Next to the area of the Tokyo Toy fair of 2009, there was a life sized Gundam (well 1:1 scale apparently, can’t say if it’s ‘life sized’ per se…) and it was really cool.  Coz it’s a frikkin HUUUUGE robot!  Who wouldn’t want to see that?

This post is linked somewhat to my Tokyo Toy Fair pics

Tokyo Toy Fair 2009 Pictures.

Yeh yeh yeh, I know, Who cares about the Toyfair now? It was two years ago!  Well, since I have been wanting to add some travel shenanigans to this blog, I have bee digging out some of my older photos (since I haven’t actually gone anywhere for a while) and post them up.

Aaah!  Good times, Good times!

See also my Life size gundam shots, as it was just down the road

Saturday 12 February 2011

A box full of goodies!

Weee hee hee heee!  A lovely box of Sonic goodies arrived today.  Just wish my parcel from Japan would hurry up and get here, I have been waiting since just after Christmas (like the 27th of December) all I know is that it has left Japan…. Sad face… 


At leats my ears will stay warm (in this 36 degree heat)


Galaxy Force Vector Prime.

vector head
Oh Galaxy Force, how I love your ways.  It started a while ago now and after the awful toys that categorised Armada and the hit and miss of Energon, we were blessed by the joys of Cybertron.   Sure the cartoon never justified it’s existence in the ‘Unicron Trilogy’ (of Armada, Energon and Cybertron) until TT said it was.  That cartoon series was a little poor anyway.  However, the toys were all pretty Shmick!  Vector Prime here was in the first lot released and is special as he was the first toy made of one of the original 13 Transformers.  Making him very old. 

Tacos… I just don’t get ‘em… - A Haiku.

Tacos come from Mexico, Haikus come from Japan.  An unlikely combination, until now.