Thursday 11 March 2021

Volcanicus Manga Final part 1 English Translation!

I have no Mouth(or do I?) but I must NOM 

So here we are with the "final" section of the Generations Selects comic series.  Well, part one of the final, so not final just yet.  But eeh, that's just being pedantic.    In this glorious episode

  • Primus loses his marbles.
  • A slight game related pun rears it's head!
  • Seriously, just how does Purple Convoy keep munching on those Gary-gary-formers.  Is he an emo cannibal?  To top it off, he has no mouth, although in one panel the lower section of his face is obscured and you can't see the mask line, so maybe it's retractable?  these are the questions that need answering!

What a doozy it is as well.  18 pages of fun insanity.  It makes me wonder though, is this the start of the end of Generations Selects, or just this comic series?  I hope just the comic series, as I am still awaiting Armada Prime that they showed of a couple of years ago (and it looked fantastic!!).  Although I must admit I enjoy these comics immensely, so really I hope they continue in some form.