Sunday 2 December 2018

Tets goes to Tokyo Comic-Con 2018

As the title suggest, I went to the Comic convention in Tokyo this year.  I went along last year too, as Stan Lee was there and got a photo taken with him.   This year, I was eyeing Peter Weller, AKA RoboCop and other roles, but as I was feeling kinda cheap, I opted out.  I’m sure I’ll regret that later….
The comic con is in its third year I think and doesn’t seem to take up much room at the Mukuhari Messe hall.  Between the comic con, and Toy Show, I seem to be getting pretty familiar with that place now.
However the Comic con also has a stand for TakaraTomy, and they usually have some interesting stuff to look at.  This year they certainly did.   I am sure that all the news and surprises are flooded all over the net before I even got there, so all I intend to do is blabble on about my thoughts of the day and slap some (Possibly blurry) photos up. 
Read on if you dare.