Sunday 2 June 2019

Rattrap and the Junioration Gap 1,2. Legends comic Translation

Here we go with what was listed as #3 on the website, it’s Rattrap in young people’s gap (hence the Junioration Gap pun) in opposition to the Generation gap that he had with the older Rhinox in the last issue.  Essentially, Generation gap is when an older person doesn’t understand you.  Junioration Gap is when a younger person doesn’t understand you.  Easy.  Although technically, they are BOTH generation gaps…. eeh who cares, this is more fun.

In another respect, this issue is a clever counter to the previous one.  Before it was the conflict of old skool TF fans with Beast Wars fans, now its a conflict between one who considers themselves a “true fan” and one who just joined recently (specifically, Silverbolt and his comment about liking TFs a week ago because he saw the movie.) using Silverbolt as the metaphor for the conflict.

Now, onto the comic!  Again, this one reads straight down.