Saturday 28 March 2015

Tets Plays with toys: Star Sabre & Exhaust

If you have been following my twitter and Instagram, you will probably have seen what I have been doing lately.  Now, it turns out that I took quite a few more photos than I initially intended.

A by-product of a fun toy it would seem.

So here is a super lazy collection of those phone pictures in one spot.  I think some people would refer to this as a "Pictorial Review," but I won't.  If there is no opinion, there is no critical evaluation = not a review.  So I find it unlikely that a post full of pictures only is a review.  Maybe they just forgot about the word gallery.  Rant over.


Sunday 22 March 2015

Marvel Legends Steve Rogers

Okay, I’ll admit I love Captain America.  He’s big and bright and a relic from the second World War to help sell war bonds and promote the American way of KA-BOOM!  I’m fine with that.  Luckily we have seen his character change from that to a nicely complex dude.  I also quite like Steve Rogers, since he was Cap’s alter ego. 
Now I have Steve in his Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D get up to go with my lovely Captain America.  A no Mask version ain’t good enough for this nerdy twerdy.  Oh, It’s the Marvel Legends series by the way…
Let’s goooooo!

Sunday 1 March 2015

EX Gokin Alpha Trion

Oh Alpha Trion, your influence in the G1 cartoon was … significant.  Plus, I loved your beard and when I get grey all over, I want a beard like that!

Click the jump link to if you want to have a good look at the photos I used in the video.