Sunday 22 March 2015

Marvel Legends Steve Rogers

Okay, I’ll admit I love Captain America.  He’s big and bright and a relic from the second World War to help sell war bonds and promote the American way of KA-BOOM!  I’m fine with that.  Luckily we have seen his character change from that to a nicely complex dude.  I also quite like Steve Rogers, since he was Cap’s alter ego. 
Now I have Steve in his Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D get up to go with my lovely Captain America.  A no Mask version ain’t good enough for this nerdy twerdy.  Oh, It’s the Marvel Legends series by the way…
Let’s goooooo!

So Steve here cam out with the wave with the rather nice Thor and a bunch of others from the Terrax build a figure wave.  I had no intention of getting all the figures (although I ended up with half….) for Terrax.  Steve’s wave randomly showed up in Australian Targets once Christmas and I was all a flutter filled with wonderful thoughts that I might not have to import any future Legends figures.  Oh what a wonderful world that would be.  Sadly, ‘twas all a pipedream and despite them selling like hotcakes (except for “Marvel’s Klaw”), they disappeared off shelves never to be seen again.  Well I lie, they showed up next Christmas.  However a whole year had passed!  New figures! YAAAAAY!

Oh, nope. Same wave with Steve and pals again.  Good one Australia.  That is just one of the many reasons why people spend so much money online now…

Bitter hatred for Australian shopping practices aside, Steve comes on a card and blister majigger, with some super nice artwork.  Although basic, I really love the style of the pack!

SteveRogers (1)SteveRogers (2)
And it still has the same comic print feel that Archangel had too!  Nice display of why Steve is different to Captain America. Coz GUNSZSZSZSZSZ!
SteveRogers (3)SteveRogers (4)SteveRogers (5)

Let’s release him from his icy prison.

SteveRogers (6)SteveRogers (7)SteveRogers (8)SteveRogers (9)
The deisgn is pretty simple.  It would seem that the SHIELD (yes, I can’t be bothered typing all those full-stops) have a simple uniform.  It also looks like he has kept his shield.  Woo Woo.  The shield just plugs into his back via a peg hole.
SteveRogers (10)
I like the simplicity of this figure.  He is broken up with some nice shading on the the plastic and those braces.  They don’t hold anything, but I suspect the arm ones are designed to make it look like his shield has a brace when it’s plugged on his back.  It works rather nicely.

So, we’ll have a look at him from the top.  Sadly mine has a bit of a bald spot.  There was only one in the shop to choose from as well. Generally however the face is sculpted very well.  He has a super serious look.  Kind of like how a dis-enchanted Captain America would look (That’s the way I think about it anyway).
SteveRogers (11)SteveRogers (12)SteveRogers (13)SteveRogers (14)
The hair is pretty nice, shame about the pink showing through on the top.  Cool dimple on his chin as well.  Very nice all over.  The head sculpts on these guys have all been pretty good.

As I said before, paint is pretty sparse, but he has enough to bring out the sculpted details and important parts of the uniform.

SteveRogers (18)SteveRogers (15)SteveRogers (17)
I do like the tracksuit strip down the legs and the paintwork on the buckles of his, um.  Chaps?  I guess.  He also has a little bit of pain on his hands, as he has gloves which is nice. 

Luckily the most important paint on this guy, his shield, is nice a crisp and very well coloured.  I like the design of this shield as it has a hinged clip that can fold down to reveal the peg for plugging into his back. It also has some sculpted strap details on the inside.

SteveRogers (6)SteveRogers (20)SteveRogers (23)SteveRogers (24)SteveRogers (21)SteveRogers (22)

Sculpt wise Steve’s pretty cool.  Also pretty standard, which is he has the extra bits like the chaps for example.  The hands are gun hands, which I can appreciate when holding guns, but the trigger finger looks stupid whenever a gun isn’t in hand.   Obviously he also comes with some guns as accessories to go with his shield and gun hands.  They look pretty cool, like laser aiming pistols.  Personally I thought Captain America didn’t like guns…  He does look very cool with them though!
SteveRogers (28)SteveRogers (27)SteveRogers (25)SteveRogers (26)
A bit of a bummer is that the guns hands also make it tricky for him to wield his shield.
SteveRogers (29)SteveRogers (30)SteveRogers (31)

He is able to hold it over his head for those days when it’s raining and he forgot his umbrella.
SteveRogers (34)

While I like the guns and shield, I do wish they had incorporated a way to holster the guns when he’s not using them.  The shield would have been perfect for this, or… I don’t know, how about all those straps around his body…?
SteveRogers (36)
Something like that would have been cool, but Oh well.
Articulation wise he’s go plenty and is relatively unhindered.  Although the wrists get a bit whacky looking due to the cut and the breaking of the body lines.  He has ankles, but they are pretty much rendered useless by the chaps covering his legs.  Which sucks.

SteveRogers (40)SteveRogers (42)

However, on the plus side,  he does have a few very surprising extra details.  The one I love by far the most is rather well hidden.  Under his shoes.

SteveRogers (43)SteveRogers (44)
Yup, he has a bunch of stars on the bottom of his shoes.  Ha haha ha!  love it!

I ended up really liking this figure, despite his dodgy hair paint and hindered ankles.  It is certainly nicer to see Steve Rogers as opposed to a maskless Captain America.  About my only complaint is that I wish you could stash his guns somewhere when you didn’t want him holding them and those trigger fingers.  All in all, he’s nice, can make some seriously cool poses and seems to look fine standing with the other Legends and various other Marvel figures.

SteveRogers (45)SteveRogers (47)
One day I will have a big Hulk for these guys who has nice articulation and doesn’t look like a zombie.

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