Saturday, 28 March 2015

Tets Plays with toys: Star Sabre & Exhaust

If you have been following my twitter and Instagram, you will probably have seen what I have been doing lately.  Now, it turns out that I took quite a few more photos than I initially intended.

A by-product of a fun toy it would seem.

So here is a super lazy collection of those phone pictures in one spot.  I think some people would refer to this as a "Pictorial Review," but I won't.  If there is no opinion, there is no critical evaluation = not a review.  So I find it unlikely that a post full of pictures only is a review.  Maybe they just forgot about the word gallery.  Rant over.


A good start
Nice card work.

Surprised that I got so much joy from landing gear.

Great Fwooooosh sized jet mode!

So excited I forgot to flip around Star Sabre's chesty vents.

Look!  I'm pointing!
Miku has appeared!

What's going on then?

Star Sabre like humans, even hologram ones! Yay.  There's a good Miku, from different angles.

I know it's not focussing on Star Sabre, or even Exhaust.  I just really like this photo!

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