Sunday 19 March 2023

Mad Max on the PS4, some musings.

This here is a review of the PS4 version of the Mad Max game.  When I first became aware of the game, I had a feeling it would be something I would like.  Recently I've been playing a lot of sandbox games and have played them quite extensively.

The Arkham series and their simple combat and stealth mechanics started it off I guess and that spread into the Shadow/War of Mordor, Just Cause games and to the Witcher 3.  Which are pretty much the majority of the "big" games I've been spending my time on.

At the time of release(2015), I think was playing a lot of Just Cause(maybe).  I remember seeing articles about Max and thinking that it looks fun, but thought I would be reaching the end of my tether for Batman Arkham style sandbox games.  I was also still playing Red Dead Redemption as well.

Reviews were ok saying it was standard fare and I felt satisfied with my decision to not bother with it.  I have always enjoyed the world of Mad Max and absolutely loved the movie Fury Road; it's such a simple premise but done very well and expands the Max lore quite nicely, but felt no strong urge to get the game that was released the same time.  The Mad Max game has little to do with Fury Road, but theoretically is set before it.

So eventually (2021) I see a tweet stating that the Mad Max is cracking a 5.99 price and I just so happened to have that amount hanging around on my long untouched PSN account. So I grabbed it.

Sunday 5 March 2023

Legacy Wildrider, A review


Stunticons, Stunticons, how shall I count the ways I love you?

One Mississippi, two Mississippi.  Man, Mississippi is a strange word when you type it out.

Going along with my love for evil Decepticon cars, I have here the beautiful Wildrider.  Having been stunned at the Delightful faithfulness of Dragstrip and being super impressed at how close Wildrider's vehicle mode looked to the original Ferrari 308 GTB, I had to get this guy.  Plus I was determined to finish Menasor.  So here I will be talking about the Legacy version of Wildrider as I count down to Menasor.

How is he?