Sunday 28 January 2018

TF Legends Comic #1 Translation


The pack in comics of the Legends toys take a fair bit of time to work on, so to move things along, I’ll be working on the online comics from Takaratomy’s website as well.  As a result, here’s the very first of the comics, featuring or darling Transformer Fanatic Rattrap.

In a little extra challenge, my proof-reading friend asked me if I’d ever thought about reversing the comic for Left to right easy reading.  So I gave it a try.  This time, I’ll provide a Japanese one, then straight translation, then finally left-right version.

So, please enjoy Issue #1.

Issue 1
“The little ones who watched Beast Wars have grown into upstanding adults.  My how time flies!”

1pRead Right to LeftRead Left to Right

Extra notes:

It would seem that Rattrap likes to go to “TOYだらけ” (ToyDarake.)  Which is obviously a reference to Mandarake, a shop in Japan that sells a good selection of old toys.

The toy he is looking at in the shop window is the Botcon “Dawn of Future’s Past” box set.  While I reversed what I could in the mirrored comic, that box would be too hard, so it is backwards in the L-R version of the comic.

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