Monday 17 May 2021

Generations Selects Final Final Manga Translation.


So here we are with the final, actually really final one of these comics for the Generations Selects toys.  Man if you asked me almost 2 years ago to translate and edit (checks file) 126 pages of Transformers comic, I probably would've laughed mightily.   And yet here we are.  I can hardly believe I did it.

But here we are. 2 years, 126 pages and a whole lot more knowledge than I had before.  I really need to thank Sakamoto.  His making of these comics has really helped me.  Now if I could only make some money off this somehow...

In this exciting episode:

  • Broken chests become a toy gimmick!
  • Flaking chrome become a toy gimmick!
  • Dimension hopping capes!
  • and battery draining jokes!

This original comic was slapped up on Abominus' page on Takara tomy mall, yet it doesn't feature the Terrorcons all that much at all.  That makes me a little sad.

I've also taken the liberty of updating my CBR/comic book reader file for those that wish, it now contains the whole saga.  Access it from the link below and enjoy the slightly clearer version on the page below.  Enjoy.  Read it Left to right.

No extra real notes really.  But Damn, Takara, where is my Purple Convoy/Ratchet release HHHhmmmmmm?  I do want that.

So, thanks for joining me along the way. This has been very educational and a fun little ride.  I guess now I can concentrate a bit more on the Legends Manga.  Which have been on the sidelines.


  1. Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Magnificent work as always.

    However, something's off with the page where Megatron creates his vanguard. It won't enlarge.

    1. Oh, I must have dropped th ehyperlink along the way. Foxed it. Thanks for letting me know

    2. Also, on the page where Optimus goes gold, you spelled “reckless” as “wreckless.”

      Unless that was supposed to be a reference?

    3. Oh, no. It's a muscle memory typo. I'll get around to updating it some time. Thanks for letting me know

  3. Great work. thank you very much!

  4. You're welcome. Glad to hear you're enjoying it

  5. I am a fan of this series. Hope Sakamoto/Josh will do more series like Legends and GenSelevts in the future.
    Thank you a lot for translating this. Looking forward to more Legends!

    1. Hey yeah, me too. I've quite enjoyed the light hearted nature of these and the legends as well. I do hope there is more coming along

  6. Magnífico trabajo mi estimado amigo, saludos desde Bolivia y que todos seamos uno


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