Monday 28 September 2015

Cafe Doraemon #3 ;Fill in post

A trip into the city looking for some nice office supplies has provided me with the opportunity to get some fun goods, so while I am in the process of, um, processing the 150 *ahem* odd pictures I took of Ultra Magnus   (ಥ﹏ಥ), I’ve decided to take some lazy arse phone pictures of my toys and this awesome Doraemon Cafe food prop things set.   It is #3 of 8.  But the  only one I have.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi from figma

A lot of people seem to think that I am a hardcore anime watching madman.  However the opposite is closer to the truth than one would expect.  I am rather fussy about what I watch and it’s pretty rare for me to grab on to an anime and watch it from start to finish, and even rarer for me to recommend it to others.

Kill La Kill is one of the few that I have watched all the way through and enjoyed.  It’s quirky, visually interesting, has cool fights, manages to talk up the characters quite well, has a nice theme that carries along the whole show and is generally pretty damn clever.  I was naturally stoked when I saw that the main character Ryuko Matoi got slated for a figma release.  Let’s check out how she looks hey?

Sunday 6 September 2015

Tets plays Rabbit for the first time.

Yes, oddly enough, that is a game's name.  Strange.  So long story short, was cruising some shops for some classic Saturn game goodness, bought Destruction Derby and as I was finishing the cruise of the shelf, I came across a game with "kanji" and "Rabbit" in the title.

Well, I'll be, a game called Rabbit. Gonna have to chuck that in my basket.

And so I did.  The back of the case had some small photos of the game, but it was rather hard to tell what was going on.  I refused to have my impressions soured by others on this game and thought I would go in blindly.

This is the result: