Monday, 28 September 2015

Cafe Doraemon #3 ;Fill in post

A trip into the city looking for some nice office supplies has provided me with the opportunity to get some fun goods, so while I am in the process of, um, processing the 150 *ahem* odd pictures I took of Ultra Magnus   (ಥ﹏ಥ), I’ve decided to take some lazy arse phone pictures of my toys and this awesome Doraemon Cafe food prop things set.   It is #3 of 8.  But the  only one I have.

Ok, this cost me 500 Yen.  It’s in a big box and despite my personal hatred for this style, Japan seems to love it.  The ol' lucky dip.  I guess it’s fine when you have none, but finding that last one you need must piss many fine people off.


There be a little look see at what’s available.  Inside is a compartmentalised bag with the bits stuck in various sections.  Which I didn’t photograph, but I bet you can imagine what it’s like, aside from unexciting.

Oh, so I guess I should also explain what #3 consists of.


And things required for hotcakes.

Yes, that’s all you get in a rather large (5cm or so tall) box
Although you might have gathered that from the opening image.


Cute.  It has a very nice looking printed Doraemon face on the hotcake.  Aw.

Miku is rather fond of it. Nom nom nom hey Miku??

As you can see, the scale is pretty good for figmas.

In the set is a couple of Hotcakes with the Big D’s face on the top one.  They are rather large and don’t separate, but the paint work is good and makes them look just like how hotcakes should look.

Wheres the plate?

It comes with a plate which is nicely printed.


I also comes with a knife and fork with cute little Doraemon faces on the ends.  Awwwwwwww.

It also has a rather nice drip of syrup.  I’m going to guess it’s maple syrup, or more to the point, hotcake syrup that tastes like maple syrup without being made of anything natural.  Just like Maccas!

Mr Sticky Fingers

The maple syrup can also be used as a monocle for the hotcakes as well.   Clever.
I say old chap

It also has a knob of butter, rather nicely shaped like Doraemon’s neck bell!

I asked for extra butter!Camera pans backand zooms back in
”Where’s the FRIGGING HOTCAKES GONE?!?!??!”

And finally, but certainly not least, it comes with a little basket, which is also Doraemon themed.  Very nice.

Not a pic of Miku bewbs

Finally, if you want not-Doraemon themed hotcakes (why wouldn’t you?), you can just flip them over and they are plain old boring hotcakes.

Hotcakes desu

In the end, it turned out that I got a LOT more fun out of this set than I thought I would.  I will definitely have to find some more, but I hope they aren’t all bloody hotcakes.  Damn blind packs…..  These are great and well worth the 500 yen (!!) I paid for them.  Well, maybe, almost.  I’d like them cheaper, as there ain’t much there, but they are fun!

Magnus makes an Offering
Are you... Happy here with me?

Also, damn this thing is fun! Check my instagram. Bloody thing will be full of Doraemon pictures before I know it!!

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