Thursday 29 May 2014

C64 goodness–package look Turrican 2

Oh the Commodore 64.  I spent many an hour blasting bad guys in games that were good and many that were not very good at all.  Here I am going to have a look at one that was very good.  I actually bought it and on top of that managed to keep the box all these years! 

It’s the scrolling, platforming shootemup extraordinaire, Turrican 2!!

Thursday 22 May 2014

Masterpiece Red Alert

The Paranoid character of Transformers ends up being a winner in my books for mainly one reason.  He is a Lamborghini.  Having already covered Sideswipe, but still in the mood for  more Lambo love, I have here a fairly quick look at Red Alert, or Alert as he is called in Japan.  Most of my comments for the design and sculpt of Alert are exactly the same as Sideswipe, so I’ll keep my comments short.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Unboxing My Black Rock Shooter Insane Part 1 and 2

So, after actually going through the terror of getting this, I finally decided to open it up.  Part one of a two part series.  This video covers the Blu Ray and outer package.  The next will cover the figma.

Part two, checking out the figma is here:

Saturday 10 May 2014

The problem with Childhood Association or…

…how I stopped worrying and bought a Masterpiece Ratbat…
First a little story.
When I was a young un’ I had Soundwave, Buzzsaw and along the way acquired a Frenzy and Ratbat.  Somewhere along the lines I misplaced/traded/lost my Soundwave and friends, all except for Ratbat.

Then, with Ratbat as my only Cassette bot left and in high demand from my Transformer owning friends, I had my best mate’s younger brother come around for a Transformers play.  After he left, Ratbat was strangely absent.  A thorough search around my house did not reveal my little purple cassette.  A short bike ride later and it turns out that Ratbat was in need of a rescuing.  And  a little brother in need of a scolding…

I suspect that due to those circumstances, I am rather fond of not only my original Ratbat (still have him, complete with ears), I am also rather fond of his character.

This therefore led me down the road of desperately after the Masterpiece SoundBlaster figure, for the very reason of getting Ratbat.  *****sigh*****

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Going as south east as I have ever been.

Generally every February/Marchish time of year I try and take the better half for a little getaway.  We’d been to Busselton a number of times and this time decided for a change.  We settled on going to Esperance as neither of us had been there before.