Thursday, 22 May 2014

Masterpiece Red Alert

The Paranoid character of Transformers ends up being a winner in my books for mainly one reason.  He is a Lamborghini.  Having already covered Sideswipe, but still in the mood for  more Lambo love, I have here a fairly quick look at Red Alert, or Alert as he is called in Japan.  Most of my comments for the design and sculpt of Alert are exactly the same as Sideswipe, so I’ll keep my comments short.

He comes in the now fairly standard Masterpiece box.
MP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP Alert

All the accessories are the same, but instead of jackhammer/chisel things he comes with some funky headphones, which are meant to be his internal alarm going off.  He also has some emergency light bars on top of the vehicle as well.

Vehicle mode is of course the Lamborghini, just painted in an emergency red/white configuration.  The paint on mine is nice and crisp.  I am glad, since the logos on Sideswipe were a bit shonky.  It’s a beautiful car no matter the colours.

MP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP Alert

The underside is very neat and covers the robot part nicely and you can still mount the weapons on the lightbar for Fire Department Roadblasters!

MP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP AlertMP Alert

Robot mode is still Beautiful and transformation is fun but still offers a touch of challenge to it.

MP AlertMP Alert

He comes with a different sculpted face from Sideswipe, so no squinty eyes there and his car chest looks really nice too.
MP AlertMP Alert

The sharper eyed readers may have noticed the addition of fake wheels on his arms, a nice throwback to the cartoon and another way he has been differentiated from Sideswipe.
MP AlertMP Alert

The articulation is still the same, and that’s fine as this body is very nicely done allowing lots of pose options.
MP AlertMP Alert

Now let’s check out his accessory.  It looks like a set of headphones and plugs onto the ‘horns’ of his head.

MP Alert

MP AlertMP Alert

It’s these minor things that make me love this even more!

Now for the Red Alert alarm posing!!

MP Alert

MP Alert

You can also store his weaponry on the back as well if you feel so inclined.  I wouldn’t say it looks terribly cool though….
MP Alert

And for no reason a shot of the instructions and bio card.
MP AlertMP Alert

So once again, this is a great figure, but then I knew he was going to be since he is just a slight remould of Lambor/Sideswipe.  that’s fine with me, as the original toy was as well.  The addition of the fake wheels on the shoulders is a very nice touch and the paint is great, the model very nice and the white is brilliantly white!

In fact, I like this figure so much, I got another one too.  He’ll be showing up later… All I will say is Lamborghinis in black are just too damn sexy!

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