Friday 30 September 2011

From Kalbarri to Denham. What an Amazing day.

We arose early and packed The Monster for it’s trip up north, saying seeya later to the fine place we called home for 2 nights.  It was pretty good too, big house, affordable and its location was brilliant!  About the only only complaint I had was that the hot water didn’t last long enough for our showers, but it recharged soon enough.  Maybe we take our showers too long anyway… 

Thursday 29 September 2011

Woot! Quicky arrivals today!!

A mixed bag today.  One in the post and two from a little random gum-ball machine doo-hicky.  Man I hate those things!


Who could these beeeeeeeee?


Sunday 25 September 2011

2011 Lion-O. Thundercats, WHOOOAAA!


So after learning about the new Thundercats cartoon and watching some episodes, I have decided it is worth watching.  I liked the concept of Thundercats when it came out in the 80s, but never bothered with the cartoon, I remember having a Mumm-Ra toy at the very least.  I have since watched some of the 80s cartoon and have come to the conclusion that it is bad.  Even for an 80s cartoon.  That would be why I didn’t watch it.  Naturally the 2011 cartoon ends up being an advert for the toys, so here I have a little review for the 6” Lion-O toy.


Monday 19 September 2011

Home arrival goodies.

What’s better than coming home after a tiring holiday?  Finding a big stash of goodies in your mailbox,



Kalbarri and it’s National Park!

Today our main plan was to go to Kalbarri National Park.  Since we had an awesome spot at the Sunset Lodge, right across from where the River meets the sea, my better half wanted to go and feed the pelicans which is a daily ritual.

Orr so we thought.  From our balcony, we saw a largeish group of people amassing at the foreshore gave us hope.  And so across the road we trundled.

From Dongara to Kalbarri

So today’s run was a big one.  Again.

Starting from Dongara, we headed off to Kalbarri, on the way after a quick stop off for supplies and some information, we headed off to the Coalseam National park, which required a trip to Eneabba.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

To the Pinnacles We goooooo!

Ratchet’s travel adventures begin, about time!   Today’s adventures lead me to the interesting world of the Pinnacles and Other places for the looking at of flowers!  First of all though, as I had guests (aside from Ratchet), I was in need of a larger car. 

Saturday 10 September 2011

Vehicle Force Voltron, is MINE!

So, after many years of wishing and occasionally searching, I finally bagged me a Vehicle force Voltron!  I always preferred the vehicle version over the more popular Lion Force Voltron.  Not sure why really, probably because the way the lions all joined up was a bit silly.  Anyway, now I have got one.  It is old, this toy was made in 1982, but it is only missing one piece, which I think is pretty damn amazing!

OK, I tell a little lie.  It is the Japanese version of Vehicle Voltron, Dairugger XV.  15 Vehicles would joing up to form the robot.  Voltron was a chopped and slightly changed version of the Dairugger cartoon.  So I am quite happy to have this guy as my Voltron.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Flock me! It’s Sonic The Hedgehog


Oh I do like a good pun.  Sometimes even bad one will suffice.  Here I have a lovely little Sonic The Hedgehog by Jazwares.  This time though it is a special run one.  As part of Sonic’s 20th Anniversary this special flocked Sonic was made for the San Diego Comic con.  Wooo! Limited!  When I bought this guy, I thought I would have a real issue on my hands….


I’ve been a bad bad boy…

OMG! Simply a massive selection of totally awesome goodies arrived today!  How awesome?  Well I really hate the way people slap the word ‘totally’ into sentences as a form of exclamation, but I have used it.  That’s how awesome!





Sunday 4 September 2011

She’s strong! She’s figma Strength!!

strength heade
Yet another of the characters from Black Rock Shooter makes her way into figma form!  I was hoping this one would as the design for the character is really quite good.  I was also interested to see how it would work in toy form too.   So here we have Strength, who also happens to be BRS’s basketball coach in ‘evil form’ (I guess).

How does she compare to the likes of BRS and Black Gold Saw?