Thursday 29 September 2011

Woot! Quicky arrivals today!!

A mixed bag today.  One in the post and two from a little random gum-ball machine doo-hicky.  Man I hate those things!


Who could these beeeeeeeee?


First off, a Sega All Stars Racing Amy and Knuckles.  I got these guys from the gumball machine things, or Gacha gacha as they are known in Japan.  $4 each.  I got Knuckles first, with which I was a little annoyed.  I already have Knuckles in the 3.75 inch scale from a set, complete with his ATV, apparently they are Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Push Alongs’. Clever name….


Later on, I had another 2 x 2 dollar coins in my pocket, and so I thought I would try my luck again.  Luckily Amy popped out!  The one character I don’t have in any form.


That made my night I think.  Sad but true.


Knuckles does come off his bike though!  Which I like.  Makes a teeny tiny Knuckles clone to play with.  A clone with rickets. ha ha!


In the post, from the U of K.


He’s mean, he’s nasty, he has a short temper and likes hot baths!  It’s Snapdragon the Horrorcon!!


I have always loved this guy and yet have never ever played with one before.  Now I have.  The one Headmaster whose binary bonded partner is afraid of his headless body.  This came complete with his head-partner Krunk, his two guns, wings and tail fins.  The auction stated that the tail fins were the same for left and right.




He does actually need left and right fins.  Now to work out which ones I have and get the other.


He is a bit play worn, but in pretty good condition, his grey has yellowed a tad over the years and the tail/cockpit section is a bit scratched.  Krunk is the important bit though, usually missing on most Snapdragons.

Nevertheless, Snapdragon is as cool as I imagined, the jet mode is sleek and sexy, the robot mode is a bit chunky, but very cool and the dinosaur mode is just PURE AWESOME!  I love it, I think the design of this guy is pretty well done.  How can a kid refuse this character????


The Gacha toys have 4 possibilities, Amy, Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow.  Here is a crappy phone camera shot of the flier in the ball.




Talk about your random merchandise.  I have been looking for the Sonic through time toys, with Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic all over the place.  Then I find some other random Sonic toys nearby.  Gonna drive me crazy!!

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