Friday, 21 January 2022

Legends Sunfire Age of Apocalypse


Well, this is a story and a half.  I imported this guy, along with AOA Weapon X and Sabretooth as at the time, they were the only toy representations of the Age of Apocalypse X-Men figures.  If you haven't checked out those pots yet, please do so.  Oddly I was fairly positive that he was made by Toybiz (now gone), but he was ACTUALLY made by Hasbro.  So, there ya go. In case you were wondering.

To summarise my feels, Age of Apocalypse was the series that got me into the X-Men and comics that weren't Transformers (eventually I was a rabid Sonic comic guy too).

If I remember correctly, there was some limitation to this guy, as in shop or something.  He definitely wasn't a regular release.  ** Sometime later.**  After a bit of searching, Sunfire here was part of a vote through ye olde toilet reading Toyfare magazine.  The toilet reading is a compliment of the highest regard.  I loved that goddam magazine when it was alive.

Ok let's go!

Sunday, 9 January 2022

Kirby Magnet Capsule review

 Wa hey, over the Christmas break I made a quick trip to a place that has mucho gashapon toys and bagged myself a Kirby magnet.  Then I made a fascinating video on it, becase not many people make videos about fridge magnets and surely, surely someone on the internet wants to watch a video about a capsule toy magnet.

So here it is.  Enjoy

Saturday, 1 January 2022

2021 Toy Recap and Toy of the Year

Award Inage
Stock Image so that the final toy of the year isn't prematurely revealed.

Well, its the end of another year and so time to do a little wrap up post. I know for a fact I intended to do one of these for 2020, but managed to forget about it until April or so and had therefore felt like it lost any relevance.  

So, here's a link to the last one I did in 2019

Final link is a pretty comprehensive summary and short description of all my gaming gets throughout the year of 2021.

Blog wise, I am kinda happy with what I have accomplished.  I managed to finish up the Generations Selects Manga translations and effect editing, which I enjoyed immensely and also learnt a HEAP about how to do use photoshop and other editing tools, so on personal growth things it was great.  Not to mention the bonus warm feels I get when I hear/read about people enjoying them as well.  (Despite the struggles of the initial story in the first place ).

Secondly I had a rather exciting spurt of video editing  fun and capsule toys, which I would like to keep up with.  It was all going smoothly with a nice flow of video creation, until my little laptop started grinding to a halt.  So I had to get a new one, this time though I focused a bit more on raw power, as when I bought the last, I think I was still editing on *ahem* windows live movie maker, and after that proved inadequate graduated to something better, but the computer had trouble handling it.  Now I put the video requirement at the head of my goals for the computer.  So I have a nice sexy new computer, but have been EXTREMELY lax reinstalling and carrying various files across.  
I am slowly getting my act together though, so if you like those capsule videos please stand by.  

I guess I will summarise the yearly blog wrap with, while blog posts were a slow slog, personal growth and skills increased quite a bit.


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Friday, 31 December 2021

Androgyne's 2021 Games and Toys in Review

Well, somehow I skipped 2020 but I'm here for 2021! As always, this isn't necessarily games and toys that came out this year, but just stuff I happened to get this year.

It's a long read so head to the toilet (multiple trips may be necessary) and enjoy! Hopefully i've forgotten how long it took to write this by the end of 2022 or else I fear I may have to skip another year...

Sunday, 26 December 2021

Gaming for the year of 2021

So in the vein of my toys of 2021 (in draft, but my games post finished sooner), I briefly want to talk about games that I have acquired over the course of the year.  "Modern games" which I use the term loosely as I often buy games that are years old when cheap have been relatively few.

Retro games - ie games for my Saturn were looking rather thing until a certain point in which I got rather excited and went nuts.  Most games I'll play at least briefly when I get them, so can comment on everything. Let's do it

First off derp Modern games

- and this will consist of Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 3/4 games.  It'll be interesting to see if Sony bust out the hours you spent on a game list again this year.  Last time it was many many on Shadow of Mordor/War.  My Nintendo Switch lists my most played game.... as.... the YouTube app.  And yes, it's handy to watch YouTube through without having to slap up the tv to the internet etc.  I don't even watch that much YouTube Or so I thought...

Anyhoo, click the jump to progress to the info

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Glowing in the dark, SCORPION!

No, not Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.  So far I only have a blue lightning version of Raiden, although a red/yellow glowing version of Scorpion would be kinda cool. Like he's fresh out of hell.  Anyhoo, this is a nice little articulated scorpion of the arachnid variety.  

What I found rather interesting about this toy, is how much I learnt about the little fellows and how similar they are to spiders!  

Learning stuff from toys!  Life is good.

Thursday, 16 September 2021

DeLorean Bandai Exceed Model capsule toy time


Hey cool people of the internets, here I am with yet another capsule toy review, and this time I am having a look at the DeLorean from back to the Future.  That sounds kind of familiar right?  And it should as not so long ago, I did the exact same thing, but with a different one!  OMG, are we approaching the DeLorean event horizon as described by the wonderful Douglas Adams??


So you can relax (for now).  

This video is all about Bandai's version of the enigmatic car that comes out of a round ball.