Sunday, 29 March 2020

Legends Manga #28, Rewind and Nightbeat English Translation


It's been an interesting little weekend.  While the world tries to hide away from the uncertainty of COVID-19, I try and ignore the consistent news and debate from my friends about the pros and cons of wearing masks, I sit in my study room with the window wide open, a cup of tea on the table, and a scarf around my neck and  because it is Spring with cherry blossom trees are blooming, yet I am watching it snow from my window, while listening the yells and screams of joy from the neighbours' kids playing in it.  Luckily they aren't being as irritating as usual. geddoffmahlawn.

I am in an area that doesn't usually get snow and we've had more snow during spring than we had during winter...  Truly the world has gone mad.

But just as we get all  sad about being stuck indoors, or sad about running out of things to do, I can proudly provide you with some toilet reading.  Alas over the internet, I cannot provide actual toilet paper.  A resource more vital than water itself it would seem from the past few weeks evidence.

Read on for more!

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Chama, Bump of Chicken, Sonic blue and Bumble(bee)

ChamalisciousWell, this was a bit of a surprise.  Legends Bumblebee was recoloured as a little tie in with the Japanese band Bump of Chicken.

Another surprise was that it looked nice.  I wanted one, but missed the order window…

One more surprise is someone I know got one!

Final surprise is that they could scan it for me.  So while it’s not the most amazing story to shake the Transformers universe it is cute and since Chama seems to be a fan of Transformers makes a bit more sense than this guy.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Snarl - Power of the Primes version review.

Power of The Primes Snarl

With my recent dive into the wonders of the POTP Terrorcons, the thought of the new Siege Apeface and more monstery robots, I started to dig out the Dinobots I have.  A disturbingly long while ago, I blogged about Sludge and how he impressed me enough to get Slag and Swoop.  Having being impressed at how Swoop and Cutthroat were so similar in their base body, I was curious to check out other figures.  I dug out Snarl…  He looks very similar to Sinnertwin.  So here I am having a look at Snarl.  No points for guessing who is next.

Snarl was the only G1 Dinobot I owned as a kid and even then it was the gold box re-release with the red body.  Snarl to me was a great toy, it looked impressive with his awesomely shiny glorious golden tail split over his back, big chest and nice head sculpt.  Finally, the Stegosaurus was among the top 5 dinosaurs that I loved and thought were awesome.

Monday, 9 March 2020

1/144 Scale Vic Viper Gradius IV Plum model kit review

What’s a man-child to do on a cold Sunday when his wife, in a bout of coronavirus paranoia, won’t let you travel far and wide to the used game shops? It’s time to build that new model kit that arrived last week! Let’s see how it fares. 

Friday, 28 February 2020

Earthrise retail in Japan

What is going on in Japan with Transformers at the moment? 

When I came for holidays many moons ago the shelves were often stocked with many toys (when shows were running).  When the Legends line was going they had a pretty good shelf presence.  Siege and the movie lines came along and well, the movie robots can look kind of similar (all them silver bots…) and Siege has been doing well enough for me to have never seen some of the figures in the wild.  I’ve only seen 1 Refractor on the shelves and even Ratbat and Laserbeak spy boxes were hard to find.

So now it comes to Earthrise… “Arse Rise” to say it phonetically for Japan… and quite a few figures have become TTmall exclusives….  Let’s have a look shall we?

Monday, 24 February 2020

N.Y Toyfair 2020 Fallout

HOT DAMN! the toyfair on this weekend has me excited.  Mainly about the information on the rest of the Earthrise line.  I will admit that the first bunch of releases for Earthrise, just being Optimus, Wheeljack and other guys we’ve seen a billion times before didn’t really get me all that excited, the information from Ty Fair has got me all a flutter!

If you want to have a gander at the show and pictures that I couldn’t be bothered listing, check out this very informative post listing them all which has links to follow to the various galleries.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Legends Blitzwing video review

After almost, or more than two years trying to do this review, I finally have it done!  Why did it take two years?
A combination of writer's block and videoer's block.  I'd record the talkies and sound bored.  I'd take the video, it was crap. This happened more times than I would've liked.... Eventually I settled on a nice in-between where I was satisfied with what I said, how I said it and managed to keep the video short.  I also was happy with my attempts at animations and creating graphics and stuff.