Friday 23 February 2024

Transformers Legacy Snarl, of the nature of Core class


Ye olde Snarl would have to be my favourite Dinobot.  There is no doubt about the fact that Stegosaurs are cool!  Even to the point of me having a few different versions of the grumpy arse loner fellow now.  Yes, I have the Leader version stashed away somewhere.  Anyway, despite not really liking the concept of combining Dinobots... I did pick up Core class Swoop a while ago and was suitably impressed with the little bugger.  Therefore, Snarl should be on the get list as well.

I have no intention of getting the rest of the team as some of them look stupid and I feel that just because they are thematically similar, it doesn't mean they have to combine into a big super robot.

So, here we are with my post about me chatting about Snarl.

The small one.