Wednesday 22 January 2014

Beast Machines Longhorn.

So it’s 40 degrees Celsius today so what does one with a plastic crack addiction do to relieve the oppressive feeling of heat?  One grabs a tasty beverage, heads outside to a convenient balcony that happens to be within reach of a cooling breeze and takes some pictures of toys of course.

Today I have my newly acquire Longhorn from the curious Beast Machines line.  I kind of like and hate the Beast Machines line at the same time.  Generally the Maximals are rather ugly.  The Vehicons are also rather ugly, but less so and it’s in this ugliness that I garner some enjoyment. 

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Japanese Generations TG25 Part 2 – Orion Pax.

After having covered Megatronus, a rather nice little figure, here is Orion Pax; the figure I really wanted.  I specifically awaited for Orion Pax…  In all his super sexy painted glory.  The Japanese version has an infinitely nicer paint job over his Hasbro brother’s plastic colouration.  Let’s check him out and see how he goes!

Monday 13 January 2014

Japanese Generations TG25 Part one –Megatronus.

I remember seeing the prototype images of this Orion Pax when there was a toyfare and have been quite excited for him ever since.  Later I saw the TakaraTomy colours, which featured some SUPER sexy paint on him and decided to wait for the Japanese version.

Megatronus (or IDW Megatron as he is called by Hasbro) I couldn’t have cared less for.  Stealth bomber Megs?  Meh, who cares.  However Pax would only come in a twin pack with Megatronus.  Now that I have them, I don’t mind Megatronus that much. 

Bumblebee  didn’t exactly fill me with joy when I beheld his plastic form.  Can two Pre-War Cybertronian Transformers sway my scepticism towards the new deluxes?

Sunday 5 January 2014

Gokaiger DX Key Set

Wow, interesting.  As I sit here whiling away some time at home, I notice that the photos for this review I took on Boxing Day 2012.  Pretty much a year ago give or take 2 days of me typing this.  Funny old world.

These are some Ranger Keys, which when combined with the Mobirates allows members of the Super Sentai team to change into their super powered modes.  These keys interact with the toy Mobirates so after getting the Legends phone for the better half as a Christmas present last year (and some keys to go with it), I got a little excited and thought that a collection of Ranger Keys would be cool.  And cheap.

Sadly I haven’t gotten too far as it turns out they are not that cheap after all.  One day I will get the members of Battle Fever!  I swear it!  I did manage to get the Gokaigers (must have of course) and Himitsu Sentai Goranger as well as some odds and ends,  since they aren’t all grouped together in teams.

Incidentally, I just discovered that the Gokaigers are going to be ther powered up forms for the Power Rangers Megaforce, well, when it starts in Feb 2014 anyway.  Cleverly called Power Rangers Super Megaforce, I might actually watch it.  It seems they are making a different type of Ranger key too.  Oooooooh!

Let’s have a looksee at the Gokaiger in key form then shall we?