Tuesday 13 December 2016

Voltron Vs Voltron and Voltron?

 Bandai Chogokin                   Toynami  EX                               MT King  Beast

Being a bit of a derpy nerd for Lion Force Voltron, and also finding the licensing issues contained therein an interesting winding snake of complexity, I found myself puzzled by the sudden onslaught of what appears to be official Voltrons.

Sunday 4 December 2016

No real updates this week...

...because I managed to get a PS4 at Black Friday sales.  If you're interested, I am currently playing Just Cause 3, Batman Arkham Knight and trying to finish Strider and Okami.  Woo!

Toy Wise, I had delivered to my door, the wonderful Legends Chromedome, (Mind)Wipe and Highbrow.  Nice.

This week saw the revelation of a God Bomber to go with Ginrai.  Which I really like the look of, but I need to think about both.

Work is busy, and I've finally got my hands on Arkham Knight, which I've been looking forward to for ages.  Now I just need to find a day or two to spend some quality time with him!