Tuesday 13 December 2016

Voltron Vs Voltron and Voltron?

 Bandai Chogokin                   Toynami  EX                               MT King  Beast

Being a bit of a derpy nerd for Lion Force Voltron, and also finding the licensing issues contained therein an interesting winding snake of complexity, I found myself puzzled by the sudden onslaught of what appears to be official Voltrons.

Last year, the mighty King of Beast by Mad Toys showed its face, caused a stir, some appeared and some didn't.  A bit later, news was reported of it showing up with an official license offer pending.

Just a few days later, Bandai announced their plans for producing a Chogokin version.  I assumed that Bandai had won the contract to produce an official toy of Voltron and that the new MT version had lost.  End of story,   which was a real shame as the MT one is a rock solid figure and the new official paint has it looking extra good (Just ignore the "COOMING SOON" spelling mistake at the bottom of the image)! Or so I thought...

Yet today, while browsing forums, I came across a post informing me that the MT version was alive and kicking.  With official backing and sexy paint.  Wow thought I.

I have an order on for Bandai's Chogokin version, as it looks incredibly awesome.  However, the new MT one, apparently combo-ed with Icarus toys (who?) also looks very sweet.  The price is about the same as well.

On top of that, the release date appears to be around the same time.  Curious.

MT is due for shipping on the 20th of December according to LCM Toy's website and according to Amazon Japan, Chogokin Voltron will be due on the 29th of December and the afore linked official site states a December release.

Two high quality Voltron toys due within 10 days of each other.
Both toys would appear to be vying for the same market, and while I understand that fanaticism is a powerful motivator, let's not forget that buying both of these figures will result in a significant  drop in one's bank balance.

On top of those two chunky metal beasts, we ALSO have Toynami's Ultimate Voltron EX.  While little is known, aside from it looking nice and the RIDICULOUS price (seriously, $399 US for what looks like a solid plastic figure) is also due "late 2016" although I'd suspect that is more likely to shift into 2017. Admittedly the EX version is a goo 10cm or so taller than these others, but still....Metroplex and Fortress Maximus combined didn't cost that much!

So whats going on?  
Over the last 30 years, we've had the original toys, a reissue of the original toy.  That originally $60 Masterpiece, an over priced version of the Masterpiece (with lights) and now, 3 quality looking toys within months of each other?

That's just nuts!  What the heck is going on?   Market flooding of official products I think will not bode well for anyone, but I'll have to wait and see.
Yes, I am obviously ignoring the general line release of Legendary Defender toys as well.

 More importantly, where is the love for Vehicle Voltron?
Also really wishing for a  Chogokin LegendaryVoltron too...

I have made a poll, so please feel free to drop an answer in if you wish.  I'm very curious to know which  version people are most likely to grab.  The sudden influx has got me rather curious!
Which is your preferred Voltron?
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