Tuesday 24 August 2021

DeLorean Capsule Toy Review, TakaraTomy Arts

Yet another Capsule toy review and this time it's looking at the Takaratomy A.R.T.S version of the goodl old DeLorean from Back to the future (specifically part 2).  Like Ecto1 from the Ghostbusters, KITT from Knightrider and um, other cars from other shows that are cool, I rather like the DeLorean, epscially since it also has Gull wing doors.  Horribly impractical in every day situations, but damn they look cool.

TT Arts made this little guy and I pikced one up.  Check it out for yet another video of Tets' Tat & Trinkets.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Smiski, the inside the house garden gnome

 Good time of day to all.  I thought I would drop a link another little video I made for a delightful little fellow called Smiski.  For all intents and purposes, (as eloquently stated by a friend of mine)an indoor garden gnome.  I like them, there is potential.

Thanks for checking it out!

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Armadillo Lizard Capsule toy review

 Hello gang. Here I am with another Capsule toy review.  My plan is to have a capsule toy review up every two weeks or so.  Now that I've said that, my schedule is going to go badly isn't it?  

Following on from the overwhelming success of my CRAB video(40 views!!), I'd like to continue on with my wa(i)(s)ting of money on capsule toys and present a rather nice little fellow made by 

State of the Art (SOTA) and their take on an armadillo lizard.  

Warning, if you don't like lizards, don't watch the video.  I think many lizards are cute and this guy is one of them.  Skinks, geckos and the Thorny devil that drinks via its feet (not to mention the frilled neck and other lizards that run on their hind legs) and well, pretty much any lizard that is small and lizard-y I think I like.

This capsule toy does a good job of looking like one. Please take a gander.