Friday 18 December 2015

Derpy self-promotion time and bit of what's going on.

After a night of perhaps a bit too much wine, I came up with an idea and decided to try and make my YouTube channel a delightful little trailer.  Since I kind of use my channel along with my blog, I guess I will chuck it here as well, just for a little giggle.

This doesn't mean I am giving up on my blog and shifting over to video only.  Oh goodness me no.  I have no intention of becoming an "e-celebrity" (an oxymoron to me really), plus I suspect I've stolen too much of other people's works and used them in my videos anyway.

This also doesn't guarantee increased video output either.  I just enjoy editing bits of footage together in (hopefully) amusing ways to amuse and occasionally inform.

You may have noticed a drop in post production over the last year(s).  That is mainly due to a move of house, occupation and country.  Sadly my current situation lessens the amount of useful down time I had in my previous job that allowed me to study, as well as blog.  Unfortunate, but that is the way the world turns.  Yes, when I started this blog in July 2010, I did most of my blogging at work. Ha ha ha.  (On a side-note.  Wow, over 5 years, I don't think I foresaw that back when I started!!)

I was incredibly efficient and good at my job and I liked it.

Now, I don't quite have that luxury, so my blogging amount has dropped.  I could keep up the quantity of posts, but since this is my hobby over anything else, I want to be able to enjoy it and I must say that I am, and I suspect the quality of posts would drop.

I guess, this is a good way to plug my instagram account (In the side panel) as it is where I chuck occasional random photos that I take while playing with toys.

Essentially, that is what is going on at the moment, so back on the original topic, here is my Youtube Channel Trailer that I put together.  It follows a theme that I kind of used in my Gurren Lagann video review, and actually has sparked and idea for a Great Gaming Moment.

So enough blab.  Here's the Trailer!

Thursday 10 December 2015

Punch / Counterpunch from the Transformers Collectors' Club.

Since I have decided I like editing video quite a bit, I've decided to try and work a bit more on it, hence the video review of Transformers Collectors' Club Punch here.

Since I haven't found my style of video working yet, I'm going to try a few things until something clicks with me and also clicks with my camera.  Some effects that I want to do I am not 100% sure how to pull off yet an I don't want to fork out money on a solely video camera.  So naturally, constructive criticism is welcome and most of all, please enjoy the video.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Spider Lady of the Transformers

Blackarachnia, I am never too sure of how to spell her name to be honest.  Quite a whacky thing.  I’ve always liked Blackarachnia as she got some good character development throughout the Beast Wars show, but never bothered with the toy as it didn’t look anything like her.
Now TakaraTomy have used the Animated Blackarachnia’s body with a few changes to make a BW accurate version.  Let’s check this femme-bot Fatale out shall we?

Monday 9 November 2015

Bottle of Halloween Disappointment

Halloween, crazy “celebration” time of the year.  I don’t care for it myself but it is fun with some of the crazy crap that comes out.  This year while out and about travelling I picked up an interesting looking item, a humble little bottle of Pepsi.

The reason this was interesting?  Well, how can one refuse such an enticing name, such as

Pepsi Ghost.

It gets better, at the bottom of the bottle, it states rather proudly:

Mystery Flavour
And it has a picture of a pumpkin ghost thing eating stuff like dough nuts and something orange.

“Wow,” I says to myself while looking at this.  “ This could be fun or gross, but I suspect both!”

And thus, I bought the drink.

It sat in my fridge while I forgot about it, but today, I finally got around to opening the sucker up.
I had a sniff.  Man, it was sweet.
And gross. (yay, this is what I wanted)
But familiar….  Hrm, I was sceptical…. 

As a result, I passed it around to those around and asked them to see if they could work out what it smelt like, no-one was terribly sure.

Hesitantly I took a small sip….

Then I swore.

Disappointment swam throughout me as it flowed from the bottle into my mouth. 

On the positive side of things, it was as I expected, quite disgusting.

On the negative side of things, and this was what I was most saddened about, was it was just shitty normal cherry cola flavour.

Bloody hell Pepsi!  What the hell are you doing?  This isn’t a mystery flavour!  It’s just a shit flavour that has been around with various colas for ages.  Pepsi could’ve chosen anything, Pumpkin flavoured Pepsi.  I hate pumpkin, that would’ve been disgusting, but also interesting because I’ve never had Pumpkin cola before.  Strawberry, so sweet I’d be diabetic after one bottle.  Sweet potato, also disgusting, and possibly popular with Japanese tastes.  Hell, I’d even be happy with Natto flavoured Pepsi.

But cherry?  GAWDAMIT! You go with the lazy arse disgusting choice of shitty bloody cherry.

Where’s my dough nut flavour?  Cheesecake?  Banana?

Cherry.  Sigh, might as well have given me a bottle of Dr. Pepper instead.

I can see the board meeting right now.
“So, what do we do with this cherry coke syrup we bought from Coke in the 80s?  We still can’t get rid fo this shit!”
“Let’s market it in a bottle for Halloween, call it ‘Mystery Flavour’ and chuck some pictures of Doughnuts and shit on the label, then people will buy it thinking it’s something nice and fun instead of piss boring cherry coke”
“Mwa ha ha ha ha! Mwa ha ha ha ha <cue Doctor Evil like laughing scene in the boardroom>”


If they bother doing this again, I can guarantee that I won’t be buying again. 

Monday 2 November 2015

Chogokin Dancouga GX13

I’ve had this guy sitting n my cupboard for a rather long while.  A cool looking robot, he was highly recommended by a friend of mine, but as he is so large, I just never really got around to messing about with him.  A shame really,  so with a blank weekend plan o my plate, I thought to myself, time to crack the bugger open.  Here we go!

Saturday 3 October 2015

Make sure your Badge is straight.

One day a long time ago, Ultra Magnus was released in the Masterpiece line.  I bought him, but he was just a white Optimus.  That sucked a bit.  Then many years later, he was released again in the Masterpiece line.  This is not a blog post about that toy.  This is a post about a cheaper and better toy.

Monday 28 September 2015

Cafe Doraemon #3 ;Fill in post

A trip into the city looking for some nice office supplies has provided me with the opportunity to get some fun goods, so while I am in the process of, um, processing the 150 *ahem* odd pictures I took of Ultra Magnus   (ಥ﹏ಥ), I’ve decided to take some lazy arse phone pictures of my toys and this awesome Doraemon Cafe food prop things set.   It is #3 of 8.  But the  only one I have.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi from figma

A lot of people seem to think that I am a hardcore anime watching madman.  However the opposite is closer to the truth than one would expect.  I am rather fussy about what I watch and it’s pretty rare for me to grab on to an anime and watch it from start to finish, and even rarer for me to recommend it to others.

Kill La Kill is one of the few that I have watched all the way through and enjoyed.  It’s quirky, visually interesting, has cool fights, manages to talk up the characters quite well, has a nice theme that carries along the whole show and is generally pretty damn clever.  I was naturally stoked when I saw that the main character Ryuko Matoi got slated for a figma release.  Let’s check out how she looks hey?

Sunday 6 September 2015

Tets plays Rabbit for the first time.

Yes, oddly enough, that is a game's name.  Strange.  So long story short, was cruising some shops for some classic Saturn game goodness, bought Destruction Derby and as I was finishing the cruise of the shelf, I came across a game with "kanji" and "Rabbit" in the title.

Well, I'll be, a game called Rabbit. Gonna have to chuck that in my basket.

And so I did.  The back of the case had some small photos of the game, but it was rather hard to tell what was going on.  I refused to have my impressions soured by others on this game and thought I would go in blindly.

This is the result:

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Wednesday 8 July 2015

TAV15 Lockdown

TAVLockdown (15)
Oh TAV. your craziness makes me happy.  After the surprising joy of TAV Swoop, I am pleased to announce the fact that I have my grubby mitts on TAV Lockdown.  Lockdown was the main figure that made me buy TAV Swoop, so I guess I am kind of working backwards from this.  But Anyway…

TAV Lockdown (hereby referred to as Lockdown or LD), was one that really took my eye.  I think I have made it known that I like the Animated toy line and this version, he has a really nice paint job for robot mode.  I really am a sucker for an insignia used in clever ways, like Dion and Dropkick.

Sadly though, this goes against the wishes of Derrick J Wyatt, who has stated he was unhappy with the paint job because of SPOILER reasons.  Can that be a spoiler?  Can there really be spoilers on a dead line now? Moving on.

Despite the objections, I think the paint job looks rather nice.  He is packaged in robot mode and now that I think about it, this is the 6th version of this toy that I own.  It’s quite nice (obviously) and rather clever.  Remember folks, that this guy is still a deluxe figure and yet he stand in robot mode as tall as other voyagers! 

Wednesday 24 June 2015

TAV09 Swoop

I picked this guy up as I have been eyeing him off for a while and I rather liked the Animated version.  He reminds me very much of Raziel from Soul Reaver, which is part of the reason I like him as well I guess.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Power Drift - Unwrapped

Hm, I think it's wonderful that I can occasionally find a minty fresh still factory sealed game from the 90s.  That's exactly what I have here too.   Or Had.  Otherwise I couldn't play it and the only that irks me more than an unplayed with toy, is an unplayed with game.

So here's a video of me playing Saturn Power Drift for the first time.

...and also sucking at it quite a lot.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Alpha Bravo

Hasbro meeting:
Right we need to think of a name for this new toy!
Roger that Red leader.
You need to finish with over, over.
Oh, Ok. um... Over?
That's better, what about this characters name? Over
Well, He's a flying vehicle, since we're using this army speak, and I want a coffee, let's call him Alpha Bravo. Over
Roger that
And that's how he got his name. True story

So lets check out old Alpha Bravo.

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Great Gaming Moments Ep 6: Gran Chaser's Delightful Mediocrity

I think the title of this one summarises it up nicely.  Yup, somehow I am still going with Great Gaming Moments and Gran Chaser is featured today.

I picked this game up for 80Yen while cruising some local second hand shops.  I looked at the back and though "Haven't found any of the ones I am really looking for, and this one doesn't look too bad.  Why the hell not?"  Turns out that it's actually on OK racing game for the SEGA Saturn.  I believe that in places other than Japan it's called Cyber Speedway and had the story mode cut.  So to add to the glorious mediocrity, that's included too!

Saturday 28 March 2015

Tets Plays with toys: Star Sabre & Exhaust

If you have been following my twitter and Instagram, you will probably have seen what I have been doing lately.  Now, it turns out that I took quite a few more photos than I initially intended.

A by-product of a fun toy it would seem.

So here is a super lazy collection of those phone pictures in one spot.  I think some people would refer to this as a "Pictorial Review," but I won't.  If there is no opinion, there is no critical evaluation = not a review.  So I find it unlikely that a post full of pictures only is a review.  Maybe they just forgot about the word gallery.  Rant over.


Sunday 22 March 2015

Marvel Legends Steve Rogers

Okay, I’ll admit I love Captain America.  He’s big and bright and a relic from the second World War to help sell war bonds and promote the American way of KA-BOOM!  I’m fine with that.  Luckily we have seen his character change from that to a nicely complex dude.  I also quite like Steve Rogers, since he was Cap’s alter ego. 
Now I have Steve in his Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D get up to go with my lovely Captain America.  A no Mask version ain’t good enough for this nerdy twerdy.  Oh, It’s the Marvel Legends series by the way…
Let’s goooooo!

Sunday 1 March 2015

EX Gokin Alpha Trion

Oh Alpha Trion, your influence in the G1 cartoon was … significant.  Plus, I loved your beard and when I get grey all over, I want a beard like that!

Click the jump link to if you want to have a good look at the photos I used in the video.

Thursday 26 February 2015

Why I love Majora's Mask

When I got my 3DS, it was purely for Ocarina Of Time.  I have good memories of having a friend's N64 and OoT.  I played that game so much over the weekend that my eyes couldn't focus on things further than 10m away for a couple of days.

I'll admit, I was a little worried but they got back into shape soon enough.

Later I had the chance to played Majora's Mask and even though it was obvious that the game used recycled models quite heavily, I came to enjoy it even more than OoT.  Which, by looking at opinions on the internet seem to be in the minority.

Now that I am playing through MM on the 3DS, I thought I would share some reasons why I prefer MM to OoT.

Friday 20 February 2015

Generations Waspinator

Waspinator was an excellent character from Beast Wars and I loved that over all the characters, he was one of the few that didn’t get a Transmetal upgrade in the cartoon, he did however have excellent characterisation!  I ended up getting the Beast Wars toy from the 10th Anniversary lot that came out and the show inspired colours were good and the toy was pretty nice as well. 

When I first saw this guy, I thought I would pass, as the original is pretty damn good.  I naturally caved and well…. Here we are.

Friday 6 February 2015

Roadbusting some heads

Nice to see a proper update for Roadbuster.  I got him as my people had said he was really the bees knees.  I found him to be the bees ankles personally, but there we go.  He's a nice enough figure.  Watch my review!

He's a nice  Wrecker.  My collection is getting there.  Now to wait for Overlord!

Friday 30 January 2015

Who’s the smartest shark in town?

Skybyte! That’s who!!

I really like Skybyte, he was an ace character in the Robots in Disguise TV show, being the second in command of the Decepticons (well, for a while anyway) and while I thought the Collector’s Club recolour of Skybyte was a nice effort, I really wanted to see more of the guy.  Luckily for me, someone at TakaraTomy felt the same way and now I have the Transformers Legends Gelshark (as this is the Japanese version!). Yaay!

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Gonna Throttle some Bots

Nothing like a bit of G1 to fill those robot blues.  Today I thought I would take a retro look at a team that I always wanted but had trouble finding until a friendly friend was changing their collecting habits, providing me with these little suckers.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Dodonpachi first time play!

Still alive!  Haven't had much time for toys and photography lately and still haven't got a decent are for taking pictures set up yet.  So here, I have a video of me playing Dodonpachi for the first time.  A little experimental video, of

  1. An idea
  2. a chance for me to test my video editing skills with a new editor

 I can see, that #2 still needs some work.  No surprises there.

Feel free to subscribe to my youtube account and drop a comment here or youtube if you feel like it.