Friday 31 December 2021

Androgyne's 2021 Games and Toys in Review

Well, somehow I skipped 2020 but I'm here for 2021! As always, this isn't necessarily games and toys that came out this year, but just stuff I happened to get this year.

It's a long read so head to the toilet (multiple trips may be necessary) and enjoy! Hopefully i've forgotten how long it took to write this by the end of 2022 or else I fear I may have to skip another year...

Sunday 26 December 2021

Gaming for the year of 2021

So in the vein of my toys of 2021 (in draft, but my games post finished sooner), I briefly want to talk about games that I have acquired over the course of the year.  "Modern games" which I use the term loosely as I often buy games that are years old when cheap have been relatively few.

Retro games - ie games for my Saturn were looking rather thing until a certain point in which I got rather excited and went nuts.  Most games I'll play at least briefly when I get them, so can comment on everything. Let's do it

First off derp Modern games

- and this will consist of Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 3/4 games.  It'll be interesting to see if Sony bust out the hours you spent on a game list again this year.  Last time it was many many on Shadow of Mordor/War.  My Nintendo Switch lists my most played game.... as.... the YouTube app.  And yes, it's handy to watch YouTube through without having to slap up the tv to the internet etc.  I don't even watch that much YouTube Or so I thought...

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