Monday 30 January 2023

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark; Completed!

I played the Ps3 one ok? ok!

I remember thinking about buying this in Australia, but I don't think I ever did.  It was low priority for me, being a movie tie in game and therefore very likely shit.  I was waiting for a good price, which it never seemed to reach for some reason.  Then, stuff happened and I got around to paying it now.

What's it like?

A bit strange this one.  Let's goooooooooo

Sunday 22 January 2023

Sonic Adventure DX on the PS3 review

Okay, I was going to save this for my yearly summary, but it ended up being a bit too long, so I've decided to make it a whole post.

Sonic Adventure DX on Playstation 3, a review.

Sunday 15 January 2023

Transformers Masterpiece MP-56 Trailbreaker text review

It's been a while since we had one of the bigger cars from Transformers Masterpiece. Check out the review for Trailbreaker!

Sunday 8 January 2023

Kingdom Cyclonus toy review.

Cyclonus of the Transformers has always been a bit of a loved chap by all.  I remember my friend's one when I was a kid and I liked it, but never enough to want one then.  Plus his forward swept wingyness always made me wonder if a plane of that design could realy fly.  Oddly, yes they are a thing!  Which is cool.

Anyhoo, with the advancement of technology, we eventually got Kingdom series Cyclonus.  It's quite obvious this guy fits into the Studi Series line as well, but, hey who am I to care?  Personally I found the old henkei henkei Cyclonus of yesteryear quite satisfactory.... Until I saw this one.  

Hooooo baby!