Thursday, 1 March 2012

Surprise Gem discovery

Man I love it when you discover a little something at a completely unrelated to that something place.  While wandering around checking old antique stores for tea cups, a little shop nearby had an incredibly random surprise for me!!

Oh yeh, have a look at that, yep it’s a G1 Soundwave ruler!!


So I eagerly snapped it up as I spied it in basket with many, many other rulers of various shapes and sizes.  Most of them were the old standard 30cm wooden chaps which one would expect of finding rulers.  But Soundy here and one other kiddy looking robot, which I left.  Were just peeking out at me.

So after nabbing it then finishing our perusing, I got chatting to the lady who owned the store and after explaining to her what Transformers were, she said I could have the ruler for free!  Huzzah!  Not that I expected to pay a premium for it, but I would have happily plonked down $2 for it.  Luckily for me she didn’t seem all that interested in Science Fiction as a whole and so it held no interest for her.

So now for some pictures.

Naturally I felt inclined to get out my Encore Soundwave for comparison shots as the head in the ruler is pretty spot on!!

Then as an added bonus, I was showing the better half G1 Soundwave and explaining why he is so popular, by use of the cassette in his chest and thus surprise struck!  So I transformed him into his cassette player mode.  Amazement struck again!  Then I opened the cassette and showed that feature, followed by a dig out of Laserbeak and transformed the cassette as well.  Wow!  The only thing that gives me more pleasure than playing with Transformers is seeing others being amazed by them as well.  Well worth the effort of finding Soundy! 

So now a close look at the ruler.  It is 20cm long on one side and 8 inches on the opposite side! ZING!  Ahem.  It is appropriately Soundwaves blue colour and has his head on the top.  As a bonus, it would work perfectly well as a bookmark too.  Head sculpt is pretty good.


I have this bizarre feeling it is part of a stationery set and the design ends up being a standing Soundwave figure for some reason.  I see this image in my head, but am not sure if I have just made it up, as it would be very cool, or whether it was some real merchandise showing its face from the dim dark recesses of my memory. Would be a tall Soundwave it was though!


And a comparison with TFP Soundy and G1 Soundy.

Huzzah! Finding this really made my day!  Yay for random goodies!!

Wow, thanks to a pal, I have found out that this is part of a larger set, it turns out it is part of a 'design centre, with scissors and stuff.  And as a quick search reveals, one is up on ebay, guess what part it is missing though?  It's head. ZOMG!  It must be destiny.  WoooT!  Hows about that for random stuff.Crikey, I am so excited I need a cup of tea!


  1. Oooh yeeah! Man the 80s were crazy!

  2. That's not just a Soundwave ruler, that's part of a Soundwave Stationary set. My parents bought me that when they were unable to get me the real figure. It was a great set, the chest opened to reveal a notebook instead of a tape and the were compass' and sharpeners and stuff hidden in his arms and legs, the ruler slid into the top of the figure completing his G1 robot appearance. I seriously cannot find any pictures other than research on this Internet of the whole set. This thing must be super rare complete.

    1. HI Daniel, After finding the ruler head, I managed to find one on ebay, that was mostly complete and guess which part it was missing... Long story short, I htink I have it completed now, but life got in the way of me updating this post and sadly he's back in storage in the motherland, awaiting me to get my crap together and consolidate my collection.

      When I do that, I'll put the stationery set at the top of my "To blog" list

  3. i had the set too. a plastic set but stood about as tall as a pc tower if memory serves me right.


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