Sunday 26 February 2012

Introducing Transformers Prime, Knockoff


TF Prime Knockoff (1)TF Prime Knockoff (2)
Function: Redundant.
A prototype that led to the creation of Makeshift, Knockoff was a failed experiment and has ever since always failed. He was created to mimic the forms of others, yet could never hold the form for long, leading to him reverting back at the most inopportune of times. Relinquished to the lowest rank with other Eradicons, he saw a chance to redeem himself when Cliffjumper and Arcee invaded the base he was stationed on in Cybertron.

Seeing his chance, he planned to scan and replace Cliffjumper, but was foiled by the Autobots sabotage of the base's space bridge. As Arcee and Cliffjumper jumped through, Knockoff made a dash to follow but was too late. His scan incomplete he only somewhat resembled Cliffjumper and was unable to copy all abilities. The explosion of the space bridge disfigured his face and damaged his systems to the point where he could no longer shape shift any more.

He is equipped with a kinoton hammer that he has modified into a short range kinoton rifle that fires a blast of kinoton protons that can shred metal and travel through obstacle for a range of 6 metres. It is extremely lethal in close quarters but is heavy and prone to jamming.

Knockoff retains some abilities from his previous form, he is able to reattach body parts, which is handy since they occasionally drop off due to no discernible reason. Having low confidence, he is quick to anger and is terribly violent when provoked. He has adorned himself with the Decepticon insignia as a way to prove his loyalty to Megatron and to minimise the possibility of being shot by fellow Decepticons on the battlefield. Insanely loyal to the Decepticon cause and more specifically Megatron, it is the only reason he put up with being the same rank as an Eradicon. He now harbours an intense hatred for Cliffjumper and longs to exterminate him, little does he know that that pleasure has been taken from him too.

Along with his rifle being prone to jamming, limbs dropping off at inopportune moments and looking suspiciously like an Autobot, Knockoff is also of low in intelligence, strength and speed. He talks himself up and will fail at almost any task he is given or takes on himself. However due to his loyalty, he will never give up. In fact his tenacity is his only redeeming feature.

A character I came up with when comparing the normal release Cliffjumper of Transformers Prime to the First Edition version of Cliffjumper. 

TF Prime Knockoff (3)TF Prime Knockoff (4)TF Prime Knockoff (5)TF Prime Knockoff (6)

The normal one is fine until you actually have a look at the two side by side and I came to the conclusion that  normal CJ looks like a fake next to the F.E CJ.  However I did quite enjoy the design of the toy and the fact that you be a bit rougher with it.  I didn’t really want to get rid of it so  I soon decided to add some Decepticon insignias on him and make a failed clone/doppelganger type back story for him.  Now they can both exist in the Tetsaverse.

Here are a couple of comparison shots.  Normal on the left, FE on the right.  FE also has the blue windows.  Before he became Knockoff.

What do you think?  Open-mouthed smile


  1. Clever way 2 keep'em both. For a second I really wondered if there was a chapter with a mimic or ... a transformer shapeshifter!!!was with with wheeljack cant' remember?

  2. Thanks! There was one episode in season one, where a Decepticon 'Makeshift' takes over the place of Wheeljack and infiltrates the Autobot's base. Sadly Makeshift ends up with a bomb attached to his back taking him out of the picture, but that is what inspired me to make this guy. Surely Makeshift couldn't have been the only one with this skill?


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