Friday 31 December 2021

Androgyne's 2021 Games and Toys in Review

Well, somehow I skipped 2020 but I'm here for 2021! As always, this isn't necessarily games and toys that came out this year, but just stuff I happened to get this year.

It's a long read so head to the toilet (multiple trips may be necessary) and enjoy! Hopefully i've forgotten how long it took to write this by the end of 2022 or else I fear I may have to skip another year...

Sunday 26 December 2021

Gaming for the year of 2021

So in the vein of my toys of 2021 (in draft, but my games post finished sooner), I briefly want to talk about games that I have acquired over the course of the year.  "Modern games" which I use the term loosely as I often buy games that are years old when cheap have been relatively few.

Retro games - ie games for my Saturn were looking rather thing until a certain point in which I got rather excited and went nuts.  Most games I'll play at least briefly when I get them, so can comment on everything. Let's do it

First off derp Modern games

- and this will consist of Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 3/4 games.  It'll be interesting to see if Sony bust out the hours you spent on a game list again this year.  Last time it was many many on Shadow of Mordor/War.  My Nintendo Switch lists my most played game.... as.... the YouTube app.  And yes, it's handy to watch YouTube through without having to slap up the tv to the internet etc.  I don't even watch that much YouTube Or so I thought...

Anyhoo, click the jump to progress to the info

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Glowing in the dark, SCORPION!

No, not Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.  So far I only have a blue lightning version of Raiden, although a red/yellow glowing version of Scorpion would be kinda cool. Like he's fresh out of hell.  Anyhoo, this is a nice little articulated scorpion of the arachnid variety.  

What I found rather interesting about this toy, is how much I learnt about the little fellows and how similar they are to spiders!  

Learning stuff from toys!  Life is good.

Thursday 16 September 2021

DeLorean Bandai Exceed Model capsule toy time


Hey cool people of the internets, here I am with yet another capsule toy review, and this time I am having a look at the DeLorean from back to the Future.  That sounds kind of familiar right?  And it should as not so long ago, I did the exact same thing, but with a different one!  OMG, are we approaching the DeLorean event horizon as described by the wonderful Douglas Adams??


So you can relax (for now).  

This video is all about Bandai's version of the enigmatic car that comes out of a round ball.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Legends NightBird Sidestory Manga Translation


Due partly (wholly) because of the Masterpiece referencing this comic, I got off my butt and translated it.  Everyone's favourite made in Japan oversized ninja robot can be enjoyed easily by all.

This comic comes after the one included in the Legends release. Which you can read here:

Legends Nightbird Comic is here

Enjoy and thanks.

Thursday 2 September 2021

Mini Batmobiles!! Takara Tomy ARTS Capsule toys.


Here we are with another capsule toy review and this time it is of Batman's batmobile in various shapes and sizes.  Well, two anyway.  These little cars come with the bonus of being loaded with pullback engines!  

I've been enjoying making these silly capsule toy reviews and with them being short, they aren't that big of a drain on my meagre mind  

I hope you've been enjoying watching them.  I have some more to go as well, but am also working on my usual other stuff too.  Whatever my usual other stuff actually is. Anyhoo, enjoy the video. 


Tuesday 24 August 2021

DeLorean Capsule Toy Review, TakaraTomy Arts

Yet another Capsule toy review and this time it's looking at the Takaratomy A.R.T.S version of the goodl old DeLorean from Back to the future (specifically part 2).  Like Ecto1 from the Ghostbusters, KITT from Knightrider and um, other cars from other shows that are cool, I rather like the DeLorean, epscially since it also has Gull wing doors.  Horribly impractical in every day situations, but damn they look cool.

TT Arts made this little guy and I pikced one up.  Check it out for yet another video of Tets' Tat & Trinkets.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Smiski, the inside the house garden gnome

 Good time of day to all.  I thought I would drop a link another little video I made for a delightful little fellow called Smiski.  For all intents and purposes, (as eloquently stated by a friend of mine)an indoor garden gnome.  I like them, there is potential.

Thanks for checking it out!

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Armadillo Lizard Capsule toy review

 Hello gang. Here I am with another Capsule toy review.  My plan is to have a capsule toy review up every two weeks or so.  Now that I've said that, my schedule is going to go badly isn't it?  

Following on from the overwhelming success of my CRAB video(40 views!!), I'd like to continue on with my wa(i)(s)ting of money on capsule toys and present a rather nice little fellow made by 

State of the Art (SOTA) and their take on an armadillo lizard.  

Warning, if you don't like lizards, don't watch the video.  I think many lizards are cute and this guy is one of them.  Skinks, geckos and the Thorny devil that drinks via its feet (not to mention the frilled neck and other lizards that run on their hind legs) and well, pretty much any lizard that is small and lizard-y I think I like.

This capsule toy does a good job of looking like one. Please take a gander.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Crab Capsule toy review

 So, for whatever reason I've been wasting money on various capsule toys recently.  After finding some cool ones, I had a dig around and there doesn't seem to be much organised information on these things.  A peruse of Youtube for example seems to result in a variety of vides along the lines of

Hey guys, look at all this crazy shit I bought in Japan!!!

And an unorganised video of a huge variety of stuff seems to follow without spending much time looking at and enjoying them. 

Which I think is a shame, as they are generally very cleverly designed.

With that in mind, I am launching a new section (yes, another one) that I cleverly call

Tets' Tat & Trinkets 

(still has the T, T and CH/SH combo of sounds y'see) where I will hopefully on a regular basis cover some of these remarkable little toys.  As well as other cheap stuff I find.

Here we go with the first one, ikimono Daizukan Common Box crab, by Bandai (yes, I chose an interesting one for the first one)  Scientific name of calapa lophos, 

Monday 17 May 2021

Generations Selects Final Final Manga Translation.


So here we are with the final, actually really final one of these comics for the Generations Selects toys.  Man if you asked me almost 2 years ago to translate and edit (checks file) 126 pages of Transformers comic, I probably would've laughed mightily.   And yet here we are.  I can hardly believe I did it.

But here we are. 2 years, 126 pages and a whole lot more knowledge than I had before.  I really need to thank Sakamoto.  His making of these comics has really helped me.  Now if I could only make some money off this somehow...

In this exciting episode:

  • Broken chests become a toy gimmick!
  • Flaking chrome become a toy gimmick!
  • Dimension hopping capes!
  • and battery draining jokes!

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Tets' New & Experimental Podscussion #1 - Bad Transformers we love.

Good whatever time of the day it is at the the time you are reading this.  Today I'd like to Pop up a little recording me and some pals did as a hopefully ongoing procedure.

I call it a Podscussion, essentially an interactive Podcast.  Here is the first episode, have a listen and enjoy, feel free to drop in any comments or thoughts as you see fit.

A big thanks to Big Angry Trev, for being a part, as well as all others who joined in.  Websites unknown.

This first discussion was about Transformers we think are bad, but love them anyway. 

Thursday 11 March 2021

Volcanicus Manga Final part 1 English Translation!

I have no Mouth(or do I?) but I must NOM 

So here we are with the "final" section of the Generations Selects comic series.  Well, part one of the final, so not final just yet.  But eeh, that's just being pedantic.    In this glorious episode

  • Primus loses his marbles.
  • A slight game related pun rears it's head!
  • Seriously, just how does Purple Convoy keep munching on those Gary-gary-formers.  Is he an emo cannibal?  To top it off, he has no mouth, although in one panel the lower section of his face is obscured and you can't see the mask line, so maybe it's retractable?  these are the questions that need answering!

What a doozy it is as well.  18 pages of fun insanity.  It makes me wonder though, is this the start of the end of Generations Selects, or just this comic series?  I hope just the comic series, as I am still awaiting Armada Prime that they showed of a couple of years ago (and it looked fantastic!!).  Although I must admit I enjoy these comics immensely, so really I hope they continue in some form.

Friday 29 January 2021

Legends Bonus Edition Translation - Transformers Movie Celebration!


So after a bit of burnout on the Selects Manga, I took a break.  
And then, then there was a little hole in my soul and I thought, darn, I need to fill it with some


and so here we are!

  Huzzah, Yay for me and the world in general.