Sunday 13 October 2019

POTP Swoop, Quick N Nasty review


Actually, this doesn’t really fall into my Quick N Nasty category as I used my camera and not the phone, but meh, Whatevs.

Ladies and Gents, I’d like to use this post to have a look at Power Of the Primes Deluxe Swoop.    I’ve always had a thing for the Dinobots.  I just really think I love mechanical beast or monster modes.  Beast Wars didn’t really do it for me, but did I love the look of the Transmetals?  (yes I did).

The Power of the Primes line was an odd one in my mind.  It kind of felt like a bit-of-this-a-bit-of-that line.  Lots of combiner limbs, that made it too late into Combiner Wars, some weird change to the headmaster concept so they can keep up with Titans Returns and it added nothing new ( even the pretender shells were a continuation of the little droned from TR).  While I like the Combiner Wars connection process, I think they could have integrated the Primes into the line a bit better.  For example, deluxe figures all came with “Prime Armour” which is a combiner mode hand and you plug the Prime into that.  Whereas the Voyagers (usually combiner main body pieces/group leaders) had a section for connecting a prime or a Matrix of ~~~something~~~ directly into the figure.  I personally would have preferred that the Matrix/Prime just plugged straight into the chest of all characters, or something, instead of having to plug a rather large and not cool looking thing onto them….

Anyway, getting back on track, Swoop was one of the many Dinobots I wanted as a kid and never got.  I only got the Red Slag from G2 back in the olden days, so I was pleased to see a very G1 looking Swoop show up.  How is he overall?

Sunday 6 October 2019

Generations Selects Manga Part 6 English Translation

Star Convoy part 6
Seacons Part 5

The naming for this thing is a bit much ha ha ha.
Here we are with a translation of the Generations Selects Manga that was originally dropped by Takaratomy on their Mall site for Tentakil and Overbite.  This 6 pager begins to get things moving along nicely.  Some things to note after the jump at the end of the post.