Sunday 6 October 2019

Generations Selects Manga Part 6 English Translation

Star Convoy part 6
Seacons Part 5

The naming for this thing is a bit much ha ha ha.
Here we are with a translation of the Generations Selects Manga that was originally dropped by Takaratomy on their Mall site for Tentakil and Overbite.  This 6 pager begins to get things moving along nicely.  Some things to note after the jump at the end of the post.

Higher Quality PDF

Some things to note.
  • Star Convoy’s trailer uses the gun to fly, and in the next frame, he has his gun back.
  • There is no clear indication if SC is talking about Roller, or Wandering Roller.
  • That reflection shield must be pretty potent to blast apart a gestalt.
  • Turtler has a severe inferiority complex.
  • His weapon makes a Trident spear there.  A bit more appropriate than a sword for the king of the seas. Nice touch.
  • Personally I find the Seacons as drones a bit odd.  He seemed to swap between “we” and “Me/I” in the Japanese, so I chose to go for we for consistency.
  • Star Convoy’s half destroyed face swaps sides.
  • The people of this unknown world are very trusting, loading into the Star Trailer fairly happily.
  • After 5 parts of seeing the Silver Matrix activated, King Poseidon recognises the power.  After, five, times.
  • If Star Convoy is using the same power as God Ginrai, then he doesn’t have star Power anymore.  Does that mean he is using  be Chokon power? (Soul Power)
  • Halfshell seems to be having a good old time walking around while he gets upgraded.
  • I wonder if Galvatron is in pain walking around with his refomatting blue print look.
  • Hayato Sakamoto is the guy doing the manga again.  This is the first time the Selects Manga has had credits.  I wonder if he did the first ones as well?

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