Wednesday 27 December 2017

Top toys of 2017

So here I am once again, doing a top toys of 2017.  And battling with the stupid table layout of live writer.

Once again, I’ve kept a list of all the toys I’ve nabbed over the year and this year is looking a little low on the count, with a definite reduction in lines.  You can plainly see that I have been focussing on Legends figures, that and the reduction in quantity is mainly due to a change of living circumstances.  This year has been a bit low in regards to Masterpiece releases especially due to the year being full of  recolours.

Here’s the list of 2016

These are the toys for this year:

  • Racing Miku 2015 team Ukyo (figma)
  • Bruce Lee Yellow Tracksuit version (Figuarts)
  • Team Rocket (Figuarts)
  • Magneto (revo Yamaguchi)
  • Kup/Char (Legends)
  • Sharkitcon & Sweep #7 (Legends)
  • Trypticon (Legends)
  • Hot Rod (Legends)
  • TriggerHappy (Legends)
  • Brawn & Repug (Legends)
  • Kickback & Clouder (Legends)
  • Broadside & Repug suit (Legends)
  • Misfire (Legends)
  • Doublecross (Legends)
  • Megatron (Masterpiece)
  • Kondor and Apeface (Legends)
  • Rewind and Nightbeat (Legends)
  • God Bomber (Legends)

Once again, honourable mentions go to the whole Transformers Legends line with their headmasters.  I seriously love the crappola out of these guys.

Saturday 16 December 2017

Legends Comic Translation LG21 Hard Head


Ladies and gentlemen!  I am proud to present, finally, the translation of Hardheads in pack comic! 
Like, properly edited and looking like a comic. 

AAAAaaaand the best news is that after carefully going over the comic, my run down of it’s story is the same as my dodgy typing up of the story back when I reviewed the toy.  His bio was translated there as well, so READ IT.


Enough blah blah;

Sunday 3 December 2017

Energon Hot Shot, Reflective Review

While trawling through an old back up drive, I managed to find a little project of mine that I worked on while in uni.  It was a basic and HTML programmed page for my own hosted Transformers review page.  Oh the chuckles I had while looking at this.  So, since I am still alive but sadly have less time for blogging, I thought I would post what I did there on here.  Slightly changed as I had a few text links linked to pictures, and it’s just easier to embed pictures in blogger.  So here we go.  Enjoy my na├»ve views of toys when I was a younger grumpy old man.  Enjoy the work of my wonderful 3.2 megapxiel camera when I had very little idea how to use it.

First Review I’ll post will be for (drum roll please)  ENERGON HOTSHOT.

Hotshot screen

Incidentally, that’s the style of the page I was going for at the time.