Saturday 22 October 2016

LG 18 Super Mode Armada Starscream Comic Translation

I don’t have Legends 18 Starscream, which is a shame since I think I rather liked the normal Starscream toy, however after receiving the Collector’s Club Ramjet, I’m not so sure anymore.  Anyway, I managed to find a decent enough copy of the scanned comic  from the internet without an obtrusive watermark, (thanks to whoever uploaded it) and got to work making a translation.

At the request of friends, I added some directional arrows, as I’ve had comments from people that make me believe they’re not reading it in the right sequence.  So here you go.

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There's a lot of very rare Transformers of various types features in this little comic, can you spot them all?

ArkIvor did a pretty good job for me of spotting them, so test your knowledge.  Answers after the jump!

  • Battle Gaeia, 
  • Galvatron colours Leo Convoy
  • G1 Overlord, 
  • Grand Max, 
  • Metro Titan, 
  • Lucky Draw Primus Figure 
  • Minerva,
  • Bugbite & Badboy. 
  • Lucky draw Rodimus
  • Black Zarak,
  •  Scowl, 
  • Clench/Colossus, 
  • AM Elite Windmill, 
  • rare White version of Moon, 
  • Mega Pretender Thunderwing 
  • Comic Bom Bom Blue Beast Convoy
  • TF Trainset's Hawkfighter, 
  • G1 Shockwave 
  • G1 Metalhawk
  • Teal G2 Grimlock
  • Hikari no Unicron. (Not MISB, only 10 ever made, lucky draw item.) -[No points for that one.]
  • The tip of the Star Sabre is Jackknife from the Takara Aerial Extermination Team, while Sonar (Hilt) & Jetstorm (Lower Blade) are from the Air Defense Team.

How'd you do?

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