Friday, 14 October 2016

When's a Collector's Edition, not a collector's edition?

when it's

Sonic Mania,

 the game that looks very nice.  Also a bit of a sad situation for SEGA really.  They have to get fans to program a good 2 Sonic game.    As a fan of Sonic's games ( no, I didn't program this one) and generally disliking many modern Sonic games, I was excited to hear of a Collector's Edition Sonic Mania.

Ooh, says I, that will go nicely with my Sonic Adventure 2 Special edition (Celebrating 10 years of Sonic) and my Sonic Generations (celebrating 20 years of Sonic) special editions.

You may have gathered that I have a loong history with Sonic and I consider myself a GAME collector, for better or worse.  So it was with some dismay that I noticed a most important item missing from the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition.

Let's look at what you get.

  • Box  -check
  • Statue (with SEGA start sound) -check (and kinda cool)
  • SEGA cart ring holding thing  -- Check (also very cool!)
  • Game  - ?


  • Metallic Collector's Card with Download code  --ooooh..... check... I guess.

Wow, now I find it odd, being a collector's item, aimed probably at collectors.
Probably at collectors of Sonic games.
Collectors who like Sonic games that have the old style of gameplay.
Collector's that are very highly likely to have played on a Megadrive/Master system, which meant having physical copies of the game.

But there is no disc for the game.  Really?

So, I might as well go and buy a dl code and some random Sonic merch and make my own ltd Sonic Collector's set.  WOW!  Only 1 in the whole world!

 L@@k! RARE!  Sonic Mania LTD edition

That's how I'll list it on ebay.

Really, I think considering how it's a Collector's edition, they could've set up a small run of discs or something for it.  Sheesh.  Lazy effort detected.

Some Collector's Edition, obviously not aimed at game collector's that's for sure.

Who's it for?

Trinket collectors.

Come on SEGA, where's my damn physical copy of the game?  Don't you have any faith that it will make money?  Or are you too busy thinking up new pachinko machine ideas.

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