Friday 11 October 2013

Unboxing Metroplex

I’d been looking forward to this guy for a while and after I finally had him in hand, I was not disappointed. 

He arrived one overcast morning and I trekked out to pick him up from my loyal Post office..  Realising it’d be a big box, I had come armed with a trolley.  He’s not that heavy, but very very bulky.


Wednesday 9 October 2013

Cheerful Japan Nendoroid Miku

Support Nendoroid Miku
A bit after the big earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear cock-up (nice one Tohoku Denryoku) , actually, that should be cock ups,  Good Smile Company launched a money raising campaign called ‘Cheerful Japan’ where they refashioned some toys, gave them a flag or something and a whack of money went to help the people in the Tohoku region to cope with the triple blast they got. 

This Miku is a Nendoroid, so a cute and cuddly ‘chibi’ version of Miku.  I don’t generally get Nendoroids as instead of having articulated joints, you have to swap over arms and stuff, but hey, this was a special situation.  Although not all are bad.  Sonic is pretty good and this one is cute.

Friday 4 October 2013

Bot Shots Jetfire video review

Been looking at some videos I have and hadn't been able to edit yet due to time constraints, so here I am with a lovely little review of the Bot Shots version of Jetfire.  Short n Sweet.