Sunday 25 June 2023

POTP Hun-Gurrr


Getting to the pointy end of my run with the Power of the Primes Terrorcons, as today we'll be taking a gander at the gluttonous Hun-Gurrr.  What a nifty name, where does it come from?  With a lsight sound of "hunger" with it being split to homage the Huns, and finishing up with a beast-like Grrr at the end.  Maybe, that is juts my speculation, but I would say that Hun-Gurrr has just as awesome name as Sinnertwin.

His G1 toy manage to do rather well on the articulation front thanks to his beast mode and looked pretty good.  This POTP, while not based off of the Silverbolt body shares quite a bit of stuff and ends up being all right.  

So, let's get into it shall we?

Sunday 11 June 2023

Velocitron Part 3 MangaTranslation

 Aw yeah, with the release of preorders (lol) for Shadowstrip here in Japan, we have now another issue of the two page advert, er manga of the Velocitron thing.  Continuing our adventures with Cosmos and the incredibly unstable political system that Velocitron (the speed planet) seems to exist with.

Just two weeks have passed since Override took the crown, and here we are witnessing another race for the top seat of Velocitron.  Strange.

Part 1

Part 2

And the Japanese.  The original was stored on a PDF, and they are a PITA to slap up on blogger so PNG it is:

Some things to note:

  • The font for the non-main players is a bit messy for the Japanese, and last time I used an English font that looked pretty similar, however, I did see some complaints about its readability, so taking in a rare moment of kindness, I changed the font to one that is easier to read (however loses a bit of the similarity to the Japanese comic.).
  • Shadowstrip has the power of Shadows in his hand.  How exactly this is a power as such is unclear.  I guess he means he can see well in the dark?  Or he has gained the power to shoot out lights.
  • Black Convoy/Scourge seems to have a problem with the lights going out in the tunnel, despite his name being BLACK Convoy...
  • Crasher manages to take the lead, flip around to face everyone and THEN cause a chasm to form.  A nice touch to her ability to make the ground rumble.  She must be fast at driving backwards too!
  • Clampdown speaks very casual Kansai-ben (dialect - not too sure if there is formal kansai ben TBH...).
  • I really hope that Road Hauler manages to make Clampdown his friend!
  • Galaxy Shuttle combines with his back pack base thing (AKA, the Luggage) to form "Victory Mode" which has it spread open for extra wing-age.  I wonder if I can set that up with Astrotrain?
  • Mirror Dia... What is this, Dia Cinders is under arrest at the end of the race, but two weeks after the first one? This makes little sense.
  • On the final page there is a beautiful butt load of bots to look at:
I spied Armada Convoy in the background there, but he won't be part of Velocitron races.  But it's nice to see his sexy arse.  Such a great design!
If you have a REAL close look at where the Stunticons are (above Leo Prime's head) you can see a silhouette of Dragstrip.  Cardboard cutout perhaps?
It's also cool to see the Junkions there together.  Having just recently nabbed Scraphook, I've been loving him long time and looks forward to the other, although it seems that the manga makes Axelgrease look a little bit more femme than her toy... Although Skullgrin's usual shy manner doesn't seem to mind...

So there we go. Hope you enjoyed this ;)

Legacy Deadend, A Review


Deadend was my second favourite car of the Stunticons, the reason?  Well it all stems down to his go-fast stripe that ran along the top of the car.  Damn, that my friends was the absolute PEAK of top class 80s car coolness.  It immediately elevated the ranking of a car in my mind.  A Lamborghini Contache with a stripe like Deadend's would have me dying from too many nerdgasms I suspect. 

Now with that imagery freshly planted in your minds, let's take a wee gander at Deadend.