Saturday 29 March 2014

Super Car! Super duper robot!

As a young ‘un, I have ALWAYS had a crush on the sleek sharp lines of the Lamborghini Contach.  For me it was the ultimate car.  Sadly, like many other people in the world, I am unlikely to ever own one.  But as it turns out, through the good people at Takaratomy and if I remember correctly designed by Shogo Hasui I now have a very nice sample in my collection.

So what if it isn’t a REAL Lamborghini.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Quick And dodgy review. Trailbreaker and Hoist

I love these two characters.  Then I heard about their Generations Upgrade and was excited.  Then I saw the wave 2 of Beast Hunters refill local shelves and pretty much gave up on Australian Transformers distribution and imported the two pack of these guys from Japan.

One slow day at work and some happy snaps with my phone camera result in this quick post today.  Both Trailbreaker and Hoist are the same toy, just with different face sculpts and accessories.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

WFC Soundwave–Revisited

In my Madness, I ended up getting some of the WFC characters from Japan as well.  Megatron was a great improvement.  So is Optimus (probably to come on the blog much later), but howsabout Soundwave?  Can a new paint job make him that much sexier than his cross-the-ocean counterpart?