Monday 25 April 2016

The King of the Road


Motormaster, anyway you look at him, the guy is a prick.  I think that’s kind of why I like him.  Adding a horrible, brutal bully who is a tough bugger just adds to the personality woes of the Stunticons.

When I first saw the Combiner wars images of MM, I was sceptical.  After all, where is his trailer?  Then the robot mode showed up and I still wasn’t convinced.  Then an (obvious) Optimus Prime remould came along and I thought, “Wow, they actually designed this toy as Motormaster first and Optimus is the cheap re-hash.”

As you can see, I obviously have a Motormaster, despite my reservations, so does he disappoint, or what?

Monday 18 April 2016

Stunticons’ Backup has arrived! Offroad


Offroad is an interesting little figure to me.  He is obviously heavily influenced by theG1  Triggercon Ruckus and according to TFwiki, was originally meant to be Ruckus, but there were doubts about how well he’d fit into the Stunticons....  Considering that Ruckus is a loud adrenaline junkie, I think he’d fit in just as well as the other mal-adjusted  members of the team.  Colour wise, well the original Ruckus could have been an easy replacement for Breakdown, since they both consist of white and blue.

Personally I’m am open to the addition of new characters to a team, but since the Stunticons are high performance cars, it seems a bit of a contradiction to that theme to suddenly have a ute/pickup truck thrown in to the mix.

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Sigh, I guess I should do Deadend…

Continuing on with the Stunticons joy is the never ending ray of sunshine that is Deadend.  Deadend was the original base for Wildrider, so this will look mostly at the colours and head sculpt.
Let’s goo!

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Unite Warriors Wild Rider!


This review is all about Wild Rider, the one who is missing from HB’s line up for Menasor.  Sure he came back as Brake-neck, pfft, meh.  Who cares about that guy?  Is he actually worth all the anger?