Saturday 31 August 2019

Slipstream LG16 Manga Translation!

It turns out I’ve actually been sitting on this one for a while.  I initially translated it before, but juts kept it aside for an unknown reason, then fixed up the FX and forgot about it again for a while and here I am now finally getting around to posting it.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Update: Legends Reading order page and Weirdwolf comic

Hello, an update post this week as I have been spending a bit of time trying to set up a Legend Comic reading order page with links to translations I've done. I set it up as a page accessible from the top of any page and wanted to have it looking nice/ Currently it's full of placeholder sections, but essentially anything with a thumbnail image is something I've translated and is linked to the appropriate page. Naturally it's still a work in progress.
Link is here

I've also updated the Weirdwolf comic with a cleaner version, after taking out the Japanese FX. It looks a lot nicer than it did before. Link for that is here.

That's it for now.. I realised that I have a finished Translation ready to go, but am going to save that one for next week.

Have fun and place safe everyone.

Sunday 18 August 2019

Turtler Generations Selects Manga #3 Translation.


Hopefully this is it for these guys for a while.  While there isn’t a lot of speech happening in this one, the editing of the effects and stuff was a bit of a pain, but I did learn some new editing techniques, so that was good.  While story wise these ones are weaker than the Legends comics, the drawing style is pretty cool!

I’ve included some notes after the jump, so please have a little look see if you think something is whacky.

Sunday 11 August 2019

Gens Selects Seacons Manga part 2, translated!

Part 2 of the Generations Selects Seacons Manga as taken from the TTmall page.  Nothing very exciting to say in this one, except for some editing challenges for my amateur skills
Read it left to right.  Enjoy.

Interestingly they included the whole thing in one PDF, despite having a page break area at the bottom of where the first page would have ended.   Is that interesting?

Saturday 3 August 2019

Select Turtler Comic Translation

How exactly does a masked mouthed guy smirk anyway?

Hey yo, here is a translation of the little two page comic that was from the TakaraTomy Mall webpage advertising Turtler and the fish guy(only bonus from getting the two pack is extra TTmall points).  I gotta admit the Seacons are looking mighty fine, but my question is:

Where has that Select Armada convoy gone?????
*Oh my, this is embarrassing, I've updated once again, as I mistakenly loaded up the Japanese version pf page 2 instead (facepalm), now it is complete.