Sunday 18 August 2019

Turtler Generations Selects Manga #3 Translation.


Hopefully this is it for these guys for a while.  While there isn’t a lot of speech happening in this one, the editing of the effects and stuff was a bit of a pain, but I did learn some new editing techniques, so that was good.  While story wise these ones are weaker than the Legends comics, the drawing style is pretty cool!

I’ve included some notes after the jump, so please have a little look see if you think something is whacky.

Some notes:
  • The “his” section is an as yet un-identifed person, or unnamed, I suspect it is going to be Dark Nova, since Galvs was munching on a Dark Nova apple (Seacons #1) and it looked like his dimensional fingers in the Star Convoy comic.
  • Part 2 Link here
  • One little section that I will just mentions is on the panel where we are first presented with the combined form, there is two kings on the page.  This had me baffled for a little while.  At first, like the use of “Same Model” but pronounced as `brother` in the comic, I thought they wanted to make sure you said the kanji for king (oar- soft R) (3) as `king`.  However the number 1,23 are his new function, and 4,5 is his name.  So we just have an issue on physical set up.


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