Saturday 3 August 2019

Select Turtler Comic Translation

How exactly does a masked mouthed guy smirk anyway?

Hey yo, here is a translation of the little two page comic that was from the TakaraTomy Mall webpage advertising Turtler and the fish guy(only bonus from getting the two pack is extra TTmall points).  I gotta admit the Seacons are looking mighty fine, but my question is:

Where has that Select Armada convoy gone?????
*Oh my, this is embarrassing, I've updated once again, as I mistakenly loaded up the Japanese version pf page 2 instead (facepalm), now it is complete.

This is following on from Star Convoy

Some notes;

  • I took this down as I realised I got who was talking on the second page messed.  I guess a possibility when both characters looks the same. :D
  • It jumps about chronologically, I think the very first frame is much later on, due to slightly Megatronny chest.  Then after being laughed at Galvatron is reflecting on how he got there, then in the C.R chamber is after the laughing, but before Mega-chest.
  • No reason (aside form an upgrade I guess) is given a to why Turtler and Halfshell want the remodeling and Angolmois energy.
  • We don't get to see Turtler's upgraded robot mode.  So essentially when we see them in robot mode, they are still G1 (I guess) models.


  1. Well, in the Beast Wars II cartoon/anime, the Seacon Space Pirates wanted to sell the Angolmois for money.

    And that's all I know on the subject.

    1. More than I, I had to wiki it... As well as constantly worry about the spelling.


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